March 22, 2015

Irvine Engagement Photographer | Chad & Michelle

Irvine Regional Park Engagement | Chad & Michelle


Orange County Engagement Photography

With their wedding set to take place in June 2015, Chad and Michelle’s love was in full bloom during their recent Orange County engagement photography session shot down in Irvine. Having this opportunity to do this photoshoot has allowed me the chance to really get to know this incredible couple and their personalities before shooting their wedding photography in June.

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From the Bride’s View….

“We met through my dad and Chad’s uncle, who happen to be good friends. They both kept trying to set us up, but I kept avoiding that awkward “set-up” situation for about a month. Then they ambushed me at dinner. I thought we were having dinner as a family, but when we got to the restaurant, Chad was there with his family! I don’t know if it was love at first site, but we did hit the ground running as we complemented each other so well and have been on the same page ever since we first met.

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Since we are both very outdoorsy people, naturally our first date was spent… outdoors. We did some off-roading a bit, then hiked Holy Jim Trail and talked for hours! After the hike we grabbed a late bite at Haven Gastropub in Orange and talked even more. I really feel that our first date set the tone for our entire relationship. Maybe that’s why it’s no surprise that he proposed to me while we were backpacking in the Sierra Mountains. Oh I was completely surprised by the proposal, but not with the venue. We had our camping spot about 12 miles from any sort of civilization and while we were next to this breath taking lake (Lake Ediza) he asked me to be his wife. It was indescribably gorgeous; it could not have been more perfect.

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To think, three years later and he still excites me, challenges me, makes me laugh and supports me as much as the day we first met.

My advice for all you recently engaged ladies out there as you prepare for your wedding is to hire a wedding planner and have a realistic budget.”

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From the Groom’s View….

“She was right, we met as a set-up date by my uncle and her dad at a sushi restaurant, but I knew it was love at first site. I remember I was kind of nervous about going on our first date together because she can be intimidating. But as you can see, it worked out pretty well.

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Lake Ediza up in the Sierra Mountains is amazing. I took her there as our first backpacking trip, but little did she know I had other intentions. There we were 9,300 feet above sea level when I popped the big question. She was caught off guard and completely surprised, but in a very good way.

My advice to all the guys planning to propose to their special lady, is don’t forget to put the ring on her finger when she says yes. Someone had told me about that, and although I had run through the entire scenario a million times in my head, I had never thought about that part.”

wedding-photographer-engahement-photography-best-photos-orange-county-irvine-three16 16wedding-photographer-engahement-photography-best-photos-orange-county-irvine-three16 14wedding-photographer-engahement-photography-best-photos-orange-county-irvine-three16 19wedding-photographer-engahement-photography-best-photos-orange-county-irvine-three16 17wedding-photographer-engahement-photography-best-photos-orange-county-irvine-three16 13wedding-photographer-engahement-photography-best-photos-orange-county-irvine-three16 18wedding-photographer-engahement-photography-best-photos-orange-county-irvine-three16 15A review from the lovely bride to be: 

“Jerrick did an AMAZING job on our engagement photos! He really got to know my fiance and I and helped us come up with a great location that would fit our personalities. He came prepared and was extremely comfortable to work with. He even took a few photos with my dog in them that came out fantastic! No easy feat when the pup is 4 months old! Also, he got our photos back to us in half the time he quoted. I can’t wait to work with him on our wedding day and look forward to using him down as my fiance and I start a family together. THANK YOU JERRICK!!!” -Michelle (via Yelp)

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Thank you so much Chad & Michelle.  The Three16 Photography team is so excited to be a part of your wedding day.  It’s going to be AMAZING!


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