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If you are looking to add something different, or a unique way to capture the memories from your special day, then you might want to consider going airborne. Our drones have the ability to capture those perspectives that cannot be seen from the ground, such as the additional beauty by showcasing the surrounding landscape and architecture. In addition, the whole wedding party can also be seen in a well-executed aerial shot. Three16 Photography offers aerial photography for a unique perspective of your wedding day or any other events in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Our Aerial Photography, as well as Aerial Videography, can be added to any package. You can opt for one or the other, or better yet, why not both?

To top off your experience, our aerial wedding photography and videography can truly enhance your photo albums and your wedding video with a whole unique perspective of your wedding. All our drones are flown by our team of professionals.

Keep in mind, drones are electronic and are not waterproof. Therefore, if you get rain the day of your wedding, you better check ahead of time if you will get refunded or not. Bad weather also includes windy days. Winds will blow around and potentially crash your camera-equipped drones. Verify who is responsible for the damage prior to the agreement to use a drone.

Drone are not adaptable to bad weather.


Check out the wedding venue before investing in aerial photography or videography as not every venue is considered drone-friendly.

check if venue is drone friendly.


If you use a drone be sure you understand they can be noisy and disruptive. Weigh the pros and cons of drone noise versus amazing angles for your images and videos.

drones are not quiet.


Some venues may require it, while others do not. Plan ahead in the event you need a permit. Find out if the city your wedding is taking place in will even allow for drones over private property. Also, national parks will never allow for a drone. Public parks or beaches will need to be verified by the city in which they are located in. Also, if you are getting a permit, be sure you allow yourself enough time to apply, pay and receive the permit prior to the wedding day.

Verify if your wedding venue will require a permit or not.


Before choosing to use a drone for your wedding, be sure to take these four points into consideration:

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