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The year 2020 was a horrible year for so many people and for so many reasons. People got sick, lost their lives, lost their jobs and/or businesses, and of course a lot of unrest in this country for many other reasons too. That said, the human race can also be a bunch of resilient people. Various celebrations, such as birthday parties have become drive-by, honk your horn, hand a gift out the window sort of event, which frankly is quite nice if I say so myself. Zoom and other video chatrooms boomed, for some working from home was unheard of, but it worked. The wedding industry also took a huge hit, but even then, something positive came from it… The Micro Wedding. Not to be confused with the Minimony, the Micro Wedding typically has 50 or fewer guests and Three16 Photography can capture your micro wedding for you to enjoy over the years.

As a product of the pandemic, the Micro Wedding has been growing in popularity. Rather than continuing to put your wedding on hold, who wants that anyway, couples are opting to go with a much more intimate affair. Don’t we want to start the rest of our lives with our significant other as soon as we can? The Micro Wedding can still be held at venues that allow for 50 or less guests with proper 6-foot separation protocols in place. Often the vendors are reduced to those you absolutely need, such as a wedding photography, the officiant, etc. In addition, more and more Micro Weddings have been popping up in the form of the “at-home” wedding.

In addition, two other positives that are coming out of having a Micro Wedding includes the cost is often reduced due to less needs and less guests and it is an easier way of getting out of inviting those you preferred not to invite. Sounds harsh I know, but yet, true.

Advantages of a Micro Wedding

• Because it is such a more intimate setting, it is much easier to plan in a shorter time frame. Less rentals, meals and guest rsvp that you will have to deal with.
• Because there are less people, it is more affordable. You can save a lot of money by reducing the cost of the food and beverage or take that savings and spend more per person and go for a better-quality meal.
• Typically, it will allow you more time to spend with each guest versus running around to 20 tables of 10 people per table. A more intimate affair.
• Having a “micro” wedding is a great way to get out of inviting those you truly don’t want to invite. Sounds harsh, but we’ve all be there. It’s an easier way to politely turn people down.

Disadvantages of a Micro Wedding

• You lose out on the big after party with all the dancing. And because of that, people tend to leave a little earlier than they would if there was more activity and for longer time.
• You will miss out on some of your extended family and friends by not having them there.
• Let’s be real, it also means less gifts from your wedding registry. Then again, with the money you’re saving, you can buy what you did not receive if you choose.
• Some venues might require a minimum food and beverage charge. With less guests, then the price per person goes way up. May not make financial sense to you. And this means less venues to choose from.

As much as we all want to get back to normal with full wedding ceremonies and receptions, we have found there are some advantages to a Micro Wedding. But in the end, the only thing that matters is the joining of two people in love with each other ready to start the rest of their lives together in holy matrimony. To that, we say… “Mazel Tov!”

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