Have you ever bought something that was advertised as “one size fits all” and then realized it was either too big or too small? Often times
photographers will offer a general price list that they assume will fit everyone’s needs and will be fair. Here at Three16 Photography,  we strongly believe in customizing your photography options. Whether it’s your wedding day or an outing with your family, Three16 Photography will put together a package that fits your needs, and not our own.

Although we have prepared a price list for you, as some people prefer pre-defined pricing, we use that as a foundation and then alter it as we go. We feel that putting together pricing packages should be based on the client’s wants, needs and their budget. It is our desire that you are only paying for exactly what you want. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to contact us to discuss your photography wants and needs so we can best customize a package specifically for you.

So, what actually goes into pricing? Doesn’t seem like much, they are only taking some pictures, right? Far from it.

We are a full wedding photography company. That means we don’t simply snap a few pictures and that is it. We generally shoot everything wedding-related, including engagement parties, showers, getting ready on your wedding day, the ceremony and the reception. The cost will also be based on how long you hire us for, the number of photos and edits, are there any additional photographers or assistants, experience, location, and the day of the week your wedding is on.

As you research for a wedding photographer, here are other factors that are considered into the cost:

1. The length of time that the photographer's services are required.

2. Most of the work takes place before and after actual events, such as post-production, editing and fine-tuning the photos. Your wedding day may only be 8 hours, but your photographer’s time will be much more.

3. The number of locations you choose could affect pricing, as well as destination weddings.

4. The number of photographers that are used.

As mentioned, Contact Us and let’s discuss your wants, needs and budget and let’s see if we can put something together that works for you.

we strongly believe in customizing your photography pricing options