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Wedding Traditions Cultural & Religious

Being a photographer, especially a wedding photographer in Southern California and all its diversity is that we have the opportunity to be exposed to so many different cultural and religious wedding traditions. We’ve had the privilege to photograph a variety of cultural wedding such as Chinese, Filipino, Indian, and Tea Ceremonies, among others. We’ve also had many opportunities to shoot religious traditional ceremonies including Catholic, Christian, Greek Orthodox, Jewish, and Non-Denominational, just to name a few. Below, Three16 Photography proudly presents you with various wedding traditions regardless of whether they are cultural or religious. Enjoy!

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There are many questions about wedding traditions that leave us all curious. What are cultural? What are religious? What are traditional wedding traditions? Why does the bride toss the bouquet? Why does the groom remove the garter? What tradition is pretty common and what is most unique? Which ones are truly traditional and which ones are more modern? And, of course, who pays for what?

But we can all agree that there are so many aspects to weddings that we take for granted as to their origins. But each one had to start somewhere and with a valid reason.

Many of you will find these fascinating, some of you may incorporate them into your own wedding, or maybe you’re a student doing research for a paper you are writing. Regardless of you reason, we hope this page has brought you answers and clarity to some of life’s more curious questions and some insight to the world of Wedding Traditions throughout the world.

Many wedding traditions have come and gone, but that’s how new traditions for future generations begin. There are more traditions to come on this page, but if you would like to see one that is not already here, let us know and we will get on it.

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