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Every printed photograph tells a story of a past event, and with it, brings a plethora of emotions. It is one thing to browse through photos on your computer, but it just does not compare to flipping through the pages of a photo album, while you reminisce over each special memory. Three16 Photography captures your wedding and then offers beautifully designed wedding photo albums of various sizes that make for a great day keepsake. 

At Three16 Photography, we love photographs and believe each photo deserves to be printed. A wedding album is something you can cherish for years to come. It’s truly a treasure that can enrich your life every time you look through its pages. A wedding album can make a beautiful addition to your home as well as a wonderful gift. Throughout the generations, photo albums become a precious family heirloom. Each album is treasured and passed on to the next generation.

That’s why Three16 Photography, your premier Orange County, Los Angeles and destination Wedding Photographers here in Southern California, are always looking for ways to enhance the special times in your life. To bring home a unique wedding day item, 

Our Wedding and Engagement Albums are typically printed and delivered within 25 business days. If you are planning to use your albums as gifts, we strongly suggest ordering them at least two months in advance, just to be on the safe side. We truly believe in the importance of printing your photos, whether it be wall art or albums, and we believe that our products should last. Over the years, we have tested a variety of print companies and as of 2017, have fallen in love with Vision Art, Kiss Books and Millers.

Your wedding photo album is a family heirloom and investment for the future. We strongly suggest making your album an album that you will love. Before any of our albums go to print, our clients review them and give their approval. The photo albums included in our packages come with 20 pages, which usually includes 40 photos. More often than not, our wedding clients will add additional pages and photos to their album, so they get all their favorite moments captured on their wedding day included in their album.

For additional information and pricing on albums and upgrades, please Contact Us.

Is there any item in your home that can bring on a flood of nostalgia more than a photo album?

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