Let your wedding memories come alive! We offer an Orange County Wedding Videography service to capture your wedding in a way that can’t be done with photography alone. Video brings a special dynamic, capturing sound and movement, like laughter and the first dance. Your wedding is much more than a fun event. It is a celebration of two people, two separate lives, promising themselves to one another and becoming one. Los Angeles Wedding Videography is also available, as well as other Southern California locations.

At Three16 Photography, we are here to tell your story through film making. Your wedding video is another way to experience, remember and cherish your day. We focus on the authentic stories of each couple, how you met, what led you to that first date, what made you fall in love and the story leading up to and including the engagement. We tell that story through imagery, vows and speeches from your wedding day. We believe this will be something you cherish for a lifetime.

We also have the ability to film wedding video and shoot photography with the use of drones for a unique prospective of your outdoor ceremony and/or reception. Learn more at our Aerial Photo & Video Page.

By choosing Three16 Photography, you will be getting dedicated professionals that are particular in making the most of your wedding day. After all, if it is special to you, it needs to be special for us. We hope you absolutely love your wedding video and our videography services.

For amazing family and wedding videography that meets your budget, Three16 Photography serves all of Orange County, Los Angeles and surrounding areas of Southern California. In addition to our top-quality videography, we are happy to provide top quality photography, photobooth and aerial photo and video services. Contact Us for more information.

We invite you to please take a moment and watch some of our engagement and wedding videography samples below.


Private Estate Wedding 
Tess & Stephen

Noor pasadena Wedding 
jerome & lesley

Richard Nixon Library Wedding 
Brooke & alex

Red horse barn Wedding 
victoria & Jake

Vellano Wedding 
Vanessa & dustin

Red horse barn Wedding 
victoria & Jake

ponte winery Wedding 
Derek & Anais

Hotel Maya Wedding 
Mike & Jane