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The wedding industry took a slight step back in terms of the number of weddings in 2019, because as many of our clients told us, “they wanted to wait until 2020. It sounds like a fun number.” Well, we all know how that turned out. Due to the pandemic, 2020 created an even larger hit on the wedding industry as you can imagine. But people reinvented themselves. Some opted to wait until the pandemic is over to have their wedding, while others did not want to wait, therefore reducing the guest list to form a Micro Wedding. Then a second option came to be, Minimony. Minimony Ceremonies are small commitment ceremonies with a wedding set for a later date. Three16 Photography photographs minimony ceremonies that bring joy.

A Micro Wedding is generally about 50 or fewer guests and once the ceremony and reception are over, that is pretty much it just like a pre-Covid wedding, just smaller or more intimate. A Minimony is not a wedding ceremony where you come together as husband and wife, but it is a ceremony to honor your commitment to one another until you can have your full-sized wedding. A “for now” ceremony until the real thing sort of event. Or think of it as your ring(s). You receive an engagement ring to show commitment until the wedding when you get to add the wedding ring itself to your finger. The minimony is the engagement ring until the wedding ring, aka the ceremony, takes place. In addition, a minimony will often have a guest list of about 10 people or less.

Although a minimony does not include all aspects of a wedding and reception, it does include handwritten vows to one another, a smaller-sized wedding cake, some flowers and a first dance. Also, much like a wedding, the ceremony is conducted by an officiant, who can be there in-person or they can perform the ceremony virtually. Seems odd just saying that.

For those that have an official minimony, their future wedding will be known as a Sequel Wedding, or a follow-up.

If you’re confused between a Minimony, a Micro Wedding or even an Elopement, don’t be. Click Micro Weddings here or Elopements, to learn more about those ceremonies.

As much as we all want to get back to normal with full wedding ceremonies and receptions, we have found there are some advantages to a Minimony Ceremony. But in the end, the only thing that matters is the love and commitment of two people in love with each other ready to start the rest of their lives together.

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