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discovering los Angeles county engagement locations:


If you’re looking for a very unique and urban-style setting for your engagement photo shoot, we have the spot for you! Get creative as Three16 Photography will capture your intimate Arts District Los Angeles Engagement Photos located in downtown LA. It’s the perfect urban setting for your engagement photography. If you love art, it is literally out in the street and has been featured in many Hollywood films and television shows over the years.

The Arts District is located on the eastern part of downtown, northeast of the 10 and 110 freeway interchange. It borders up to the Los Angeles River going from E. 1st St to 7th St and then from the river to S. Alameda St. The art scene in this area got its start in the mid-1970s and has blossomed into LA’s culture ever since.

One of the more popular areas to go to within the Art District is Urth Caffe, which is often frequented by young teenagers and college-age students. It’s one of our favorite locations as well, so we typically meet clients here so that neither of us get lost or spend the time searching for one another. From Urth Caffe, we will then proceed to walk the district area rather than drive because of our many stops, so bring comfortable shoes with you. Personally, our favorite spot for paintings on the walls is on Colyton Street behind Urth Caffe.

There are several reasons we love to shoot Arts District Los Angeles engagement photos. Probably our favorite part are all the murals and paintings you see on all the buildings and walls - Love them! The murals are very colorful and will make the background of your photos just pop with personality. You will also find the very popular colored Angel’s Wings paintings that have been featured often the past couple of years. The area is also home to some of the older warehouses that have brick walls, which will also give your photos a lot of character to them.

Being a photographer, another big reason we love it down here is the lighting. You can go almost anytime throughout the day as the sunlight allows for us to get some really great lighting for your shots. Other areas to consider incorporating into your shots are some of the great wedding venues around. 440 Seton Street, which is just behind Urth Caffe, the SmogShoppe and our favorite, Millwick. The Millwick is a very old building that was left for dead, and the owners turned into a pretty chic wedding venue. It has that warehouse look with the brick walls and roll up doors that open to the courtyard area.

The only negative that we have encountered with shooting photography down at the Arts District is that it can get fairly crowded; especially on weekends. But if we were to meet at Urth Caffe between breakfast and lunch on a weekday, we should have an amazing day of photography with less interruptions.

There are several urban engagement locations to choose from in Southern California, but if you are looking for an urban setting that truly is unique, an Arts District Los Angeles engagement photo session is the motherlode of urban settings. And being in the heart of downtown, there are many great tasting little restaurants in the area that you won’t typically get anywhere else. So, if you’re hungry after your session, we highly recommend staying for dinner.

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