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Cal Poly Pomona

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3801 W. Temple Ave
Pomona, CA 91768

setting: URBAN/PARK

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If you are looking for something different for your engagement photography session, then one option would be Cal Poly Pomona located in Los Angeles County. Despite being a university, Cal Poly Pomona Engagement Photo Sessions by Three16 Photography adds both a touch of nature and a touch of modern architecture. It is a beautiful campus that is quite large, so there are many options to choose from that would give you some really nice backgrounds to your photos giving them some character and personality.

Having your photo session here allows you to opt for a nature-like feel for your photos as there are several hiking trails in the area. Hiking trails not only give you that sense of nature, but also that more rustic feel. Cal Poly Pomona also has a great deal of farmland on its campus, and although we cannot access the farmland area, we can choose spots to shoot your photos that will allow the area to be in the background of your photos if you are looking for that farm-style photography.

The other option is on the main campus. Less nature and more urban. We would typically start in the center of the campus area where the student center is located, and this would allow the background of your photos to have the unique architecture from the university’s buildings. In addition, there is an area that has a small rose garden. The garden is quite beautiful, but it is fairly small. It is definitely not in comparison to the Fullerton Arboretum located on the campus of Cal State Fullerton.

Overall, the campus of Cal Poly Pomona University is a beautiful location with all its buildings and nature areas that surround the campus. The best times to schedule a session is on the weekends or just prior to sunset during school hours. If we do the shoot during the day, students will be in class, but we will be inundated with people as they go from class to class. Our intention while photographing a Cal Poly engagement photo session is not to intrude on their studies.

Wedding venues that are located nearby include The Kellogg House, the Sheraton Fairplex and the Mountain Meadows Golf Course, just to name a few.

If you are a student or an alumnus of Cal Poly Pomona, this location would really have extra meaning for you.

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