July 9, 2015

Disneyland Engagement | Matt & Amanda

Disneyland Engagement | Matt & Amanda

Ah, love is in the air at Disneyland! Even a hot, sunny day here in Orange County couldn’t put the brakes on love. And for Matthew and Amanda it was love two times over as we spent the day shooting their engagement photos at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, a place…. they both love.   I’d love to share some pictures and their magical love story with you…

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Amanda’s Perspective

How did you and Matt meet?

Amanda: Matthew and I first met in elementary school. He was in my sister’s class growing up and at that time and I was just his friend’s little sister. We would all go to camp during the summer and somehow Matthew and I always ended up on the same team for games or hiking. I guess you can say that I had a bit of a crush on him already since he didn’t mind me as a tag-a-long.

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Fast Forward to High School, Matthew and I were both REALLY into music, and not only that but we were both really involved in the church. It only made sense that we would put together our love for music and be on the same Worship Team. I should have known we would always make a great team – even then! One day after church, Matthew suggested that we should go out for lunch together with the whole worship team. I was supposed to invite the girls and he would invite the guys.

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I met him for lunch and was “sad” to say that “none of the girls on the team could make it.” Matthew was just as “equally disappointed” when he told me that “none of the guys could come either.” This was later to be revealed by us both that we did not invite anyone else on purpose so that it could be just us two (Sorry, not sorry) and that’s how it became our first date.


How did the proposal take place?

Amanda:  I have to start off by saying that Disneyland is a HUGE part of both our lives. Both of our parents worked at the park growing up and it was really more like a second home for us. We like to say that Disneyland was our babysitter because if both of our parents worked late, we would just go to the park and play until they were off. Even now, we go to the park at least once or twice a week if not more whether it’s just for a quick bite to eat or just to walk around and enjoy adventures together. It only made sense to take our engagement pictures where Matthew made me the happiest girl on Earth!Disneyland Engagement Pictures Anaheim Wedding Photographer Three16 Photography Photographer09


Early in the morning on September 30th, Matthew went into the park before church and set up a reservation to board the Wheelhouse (where the pilot is stationed) on the Mark Twain Riverboat in Frontierland during their last voyage of the day. We already had plans to go to Disneyland that day for a belated birthday celebration of his mother or so I thought. Before leaving for the park that afternoon, Matthew suggested that we dress up as if we were from the 20’s (it doesn’t take too much to convince me to dress up especially since I love vintage fashion!) – so of course I agreed! We walked around the park and took lots of silly pictures and had fun before we met with both of our parents to go to dinner. We had been planning this dinner all together for a month, and going to Disneyland and dressing up is not something out of the ordinary for us. So I did not suspect a thing!

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Before heading to the restaurant, Matthew said that we should go on the Mark Twain because that would be a good picture spot for us and we should ask if we could get in on the top. It’s not every day that you get to steer a steamboat, so I jumped at the opportunity not knowing he already had the whole thing planned out! We enjoyed ringing the bell and blowing the whistle and learning the history and of course we had to take more pictures up there! I squeezed close to Matthew and as the pilot was counting down to take our picture, little did I know, she began filming instead. By the count of three, Matthew had got down on one knee. I was SO surprised I thought that he fell down!

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I went to help him up but he said he was more than fine. It wasn’t until after he pulled out the ring that I realized he was down on one knee on purpose and that he was proposing to me. I was so overwhelmed by happiness that of course I began to cry. I’ll never forget the words that he said that day! He said, “Amanda, a long time ago, you had asked me that if I could be with anyone in the entire world whom would I be with? And the answer then is still the same today, you. Amanda, will you marry me?” I couldn’t get a word out I was so surprised! I was just shaking my head yes! I was finally able to get the words out, “Yes! A thousand times, yes!” To which he stood up and gave me the biggest hug and kiss! I saw our parents down at the dock waving to us because they knew what had just happened!Disneyland Engagement Pictures Anaheim Wedding Photographer Three16 Photography Photographer03


We met with them to continue on with dinner, but there was another surprise in store! Matthew had made reservations for us all at the famous, and exclusive, Club 33 above the streets of New Orleans Square. There we enjoyed a wonderful meal, the history, the company and the fireworks! It was a day and experience that we will always cherish and think of fondly every time we go to the park!Disneyland Engagement Pictures Anaheim Wedding Photographer Three16 Photography Photographer10

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