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Three16 Photography is a top-notch Family Photographer of Maternity, Newborn, Couples, Portraits and Senior/Grads in the Orange County and LA area since 2010. Capturing great moments and picturesque portraits of your loved ones is high priority for us and it should be an expectation of yours.

The way we see it, families are always growing in age and in size. So why not start capturing lifelong memories now and keep that momentum going? As Orange County photographers we do more than just shoot weddings, as we proudly offer family photography in Orange County, Los Angeles and other Southern California locations outside of those two counties.

Our Family Photography Services can be any of the following:

There’s nothing better than a home filled with great photos of your family; it changes a house to a home. In addition, prints of your photographs can be put into photo albums or inquire about our Album Services, as well as our wall art options that would take your photos and turn them into a professional looking book that you would be proud of to show off. Our albums also make for great gifts as well.

Lastly, family photography sessions can take place nearly anywhere. Perhaps they can be taken at your favorite beach, like Laguna or Newport Beaches or a beautiful park, such as O’Neill Regional Park. If the natural beauty of beaches and parks don’t work for you, you can consider many other options such as amusement parks, old town cities or simply in our studio. If you are not sure what you want, visit our Wedding Venue pages and maybe one of those will inspire you. Family Photo Sessions is a great way to spend time together as a family.

Let us help you create fun, sweet and beautiful memories that can be viewed for a lifetime.

Capturing great moments and picturesque portraits of your loved ones

family photography faqs

What is a typical price range for a family photographer?
Typically, a good range for a Family Portrait Session is between $500 and $700. There are factors that often determine the final price such as are you looking to go elegant or more low key? How many hours do you want the session? Will there be one location or multiple?

What is the best time of the day for a family photo session?
Being in Southern California, one of the benefits is that we can photograph during any season, so it just depends on your preferences. Many of our clients pick a season that's comfortable for them in terms of weather. But something to consider is where you want your family session to take place. Location and weather together can often be determining factors. For example, you probably wouldn't want a beach engagement session during the Winter with the cold and wind or a desert session in the Summer, etc. 

What do you wear to a family photo session?
If a family wants to wear the exact same colors for their own personal reasons, we say go for it. But, if it were up to me, I wouldn't necessarily say the same colors but in the same tone of colors, as they often mesh well with each other. So, instead of everyone wearing brown, they can go with earth tones as you want the colors to compliment one another and it brings the photos some contrast. If you want something other than earth tones, then consider pastels. A variety of pastel colors work better than pastel and really bright colors when mixed together. Also, consider your location. We recommend wearing shorts at the beach, but not anywhere else as you will seem out of place. Overall, don't be crazy, but you'll want to bring life to your clothes. Last thing, avoid everyone wearing all black. Often in photos, the variance of black tones show more when next to other shades of black, thus distorting the photos and not leaving you the image you had in mind when choosing black clothing.

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