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Jeffrey Open Space Trail

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13252 Jeffrey Rd
Irvine, CA 92620

setting: Nature / Park / Unique

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If you are looking for the typical, run of the mill park with lots of grass and running trails, Jeffrey Open Space Trail is exactly what you are looking for. Jeffrey Open Space Trail Engagement Photos in Irvine by Three16 Photography adds a touch of naturesque backgrounds to your photographs, as this location is a great location for your Orange County engagement photos.

Jeffrey Open Trail Park does have some trees, but if you are looking for a forest-like atmosphere to go along with the typical park feel, then you might want to consider something other than Jeffrey Open Trail. It just lacks the number of trees needed to have that forest feel to it.

Now, with that said, Jeffrey Open Trail Park is easily accessible, and it does offer some unique features that goes really well for engagement photography. This park has a very photographic bridge that is very popular in photo shoots, as well as a tunnel and some unique rock formations. Jeffrey Open Trail Park is also a great location due to the lack of crowds, especially on the weekdays. So that is something to consider.

Although this park has some unique features, you might also want to consider adding a second location that is nearby to add to your Jeffrey Open Space Trail engagement photo session.

The Jeffrey Open Space Trail was developed with a large amount input by the community of Irvine. This park is considered as an open space corridor, which is important to city's open space system. It brings together the area of conservation and open space lands all within a city. The trail runs approximately five miles through Irvine, starting near Portola Parkway in the north and runs to the open space of Quail Hill in the south.

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