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Los Angeles Union Station

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800 N. Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

setting: urban/unique

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One of the really great places that Los Angeles has to offer is the Los Angeles Union Station, as it is one of the coolest train stations around; not just in LA County, but anywhere. Los Angeles Union Station Engagement Photos by Three16 Photography will add some unique architecture that will enhance your engagement photos. Located on N. Alameda Street, near the famous Olvera Street, Los Angeles Union Station, last of the great train stations, is the perfect location for your engagement photo session.

Although the station was built in 1939, we love that when you walk into the station, you feel like you went back in time to the 1960s or 1970s. In 1972, the LA Union Station was designated by the city as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument and in 1980, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. So, this station is a true gem.

The station also offers a lot of great features that will make the background to your photos pretty unique. There is a long walkway with mosaic-looking tile art and a vaulted wood steeple ceiling that makes the station look extremely large. The seating areas are done in an old-school leather seats but are reserved for those with train tickets. They have several floor-to-ceiling windows, a different style of chandeliers and some really nice wall fixtures.

The front of the building was designed with some really great architecture that will serve as a backdrop and will bring a lot of character to your photos.

The biggest drawback that we have encountered while taking LA Union Station engagement photos is that it can get extremely busy there. Most likely your photos will include people walking in the background of your photos. So be aware of that before settling on this location. If you are considering the Union Station for your engagement session, you might want to spend some time there to get a feel of what you will experience as far as crowds go.

As for the photography itself, we recommend doing the shoot in the middle of the day as we will get a lot of natural sunlight coming through those large windows. We will shoot your photograph session at night if it's something you really want done, but typically due to the lighting, we don't usually recommend it. If we shoot at night, we will need professional flash and lighting equipment and a special permit will be required.

We also suggest that you don’t dress over the top. Keep it casual so you don’t draw a lot of attention to yourself during the session.

So, if you are looking for something really different and yet fun for your engagement photography session, then consider the Union Station in LA.

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