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There are many ways to propose that he or she will remember for a lifetime and doing so without having to spend too much money. Surveys have shown that many people were a little disappointed in how their partner proposed to them. This is a life changing experience and something that you and your partner will want to remember and share with everyone, including your future kids and grandkids. Looking for etiquette or fun ideas for Marriage Proposals? Here you go. Three16 Photography loves photographing marriage proposals, engagements & weddings.

Therefore, do your research on marriage proposals and proposal ideas as you are sure to come up with an idea that suits you both. After all, you should know your partner better than anyone else, but if you become unsure, ask her close friends and family for some advice. You only get one shot at this so make sure you do it right and be sure you have some ideas to get your own creative juices flowing.

Just keep in mind, a marriage proposal can be one of the most amazing moments of both of your lives. So, make it a marriage proposal that they never see coming. The element of surprise cannot be overstated. Sure, you could go the more traditional route and have the usual romantic dinner along with music playing. Then after dessert you profess your undying love to them and get down on one knee. However, they will be expecting that. Where's the fun in that?

That in mind, here are some Marriage Proposal Etiquette’s and Ideas that will hopefully inspire you to create your own perfect romantic proposal.

It’s time for a marriage proposal to that special someone.

Here are 10 items of etiquette to consider:

Eye Contact. As mentioned, honesty is a big item for marriage. Therefore, if you start by not looking into her eyes when you propose, then you won’t come off as genuine. Looking into her eyes while asking her to marry you may be the sincerest way of telling her you love her and that you will always be there for her. A woman needs to feel that she is secure.

Mood Setting. This can be accomplished with simple lighting. The lighting should be gentle or soft which can create a romantic atmosphere. A life of intimacy should start with an intimate moment. Different forms of lighting can include soft light bulbs, starlight, small lights in a tree, candlelight, sunset, sunrise or even a fireplace.

Setting the Scene. Scenery can be done in many different ways. It’s whatever works for you. In the event you do propose around other people, whether they are family, friends or perfect strangers, just remember to make her feel as though she is the most important person there and at that moment, she feels like you two are the only ones there. If others are around you, take her feelings into consideration as well. No one wants to feel forced into saying, “yes” because people are watching.

Your Voice. How you ask is just as important as the words you use. Use your voice in a soft tone. Whispering words sometimes can be the sincerest and speak volumes to her heart. After all, you are trying to convince her to spend the rest of her life with you and loud noises can be intrusive and distracting, which can be a disruption to the mood you had set out for her.

Your Touch. A simple touch can also speak volumes to her heart. Whether it’s a touch on the hand, a soft kiss on the cheek or a hand softly holding her around her waist, the simple element of touch can be one of the most romantic gestures there is. Sometimes, silence is golden.

Marriage Proposal. Although this doesn’t happen often today, the tradition has been for the man to get down on one knee to ask. Today, that tradition isn’t done as often as she generally knows that at some point the proposal will happen. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether she’s expecting it, but how you do it may mean the world to her. So, come up with a plan and make it unique to your situation, whether it’s romantic or not doesn’t matter, it just has to have your own special touch or meaning to it. You could propose over dinner by candlelight, or a sporting event, or when least expected. No matter what you end up doing, you may want to include tradition and get down on one knee. After all, she has probably fantasized about this moment all her life and that probably included the one knee proposal. By the way, a woman can also be the one that proposes to her man. See below for some pretty cool proposal ideas.

Savoring the Moment. One thing that couples do soon after she says, “yes,” is quickly tell the parents or close friends. A suggestion is to stop and really savor the moment together and wait a few hours or a day before making your announcement. Leave this tender moment alone and allow the two you to just seep in it. After all, as soon as the news gets out, your initial big moment is over and the race, stress and fun, begins.

Announcing Your Engagement. Congratulations, now that you are engaged, and you savored it, it’s time to inform everyone else. You really should start with your own parents and then decide the order and fashion in which you will tell everyone else. Maybe start with your best friend and potential maid/matron of honor or best man, then your relatives, such as your siblings and grandparents. Then your other close friends, relatives, colleagues and so. Then decide who you will visit to inform, who will get phone calls, who will find out via a computer message or in a group setting. A newspaper announcement may also something to consider. Regardless of how you do it, please be sure to inform the most important friends and family in person or by phone and not by email or text and do it before anything goes on to social media. For some, it can be hurtful to find out that way.

The Parents' Meeting. In some cases, the parents have already met before the proposal ever takes place. However, in other cases, they haven’t. Now that you are engaged, this would be a proper time to have that meeting. It could take place in someone’s home or maybe out for lunch or dinner.

Celebrate Your Engagement. Some couples want to celebrate their new engagement. For some it may be an intimate dinner with their closest friends and family, and for others, it can be a large party. This is a great way to get together with a sense of spirit that everyone is on board and are supportive for your new life to be. It also serves as a precursor to your wedding reception.

Eight Ideas for Proposing. Now that you have an idea of proposal etiquette, now it’s time to plan the proposal. There are many ways to propose to that special someone. But what if you want to do something truly unique? Research proposal ideas that will shock them with something that they would never expect. You know your future spouse better than anyone, so take in your partner’s personality into consideration before proposing.

Here are just Eight Ideas for Proposing that would really wow her. They may be a little more elaborate, but remember, this is usually a once in a lifetime moment. No pressure. By the way, be sure they’ll say yes, before you go to such elaborate methods or if you include family and friends. Just a suggestion.

Recreate the First Date or Dinner. Take your special someone to the place where you had your first date and recreate it exactly how it happened on that day. If that ends up hard to do, then consider recreating your first dinner together instead. Then, at the end, and before you propose, take your partner to a special place that was not part of your first date, such as a park or something, with some sparkling lights and flowers all around, and ask your partner if they remember this place on your first date. Of course they should say no, and then you proceed to say “you may not remember it now, but you will remember it from this moment on and for the rest of our lives together” and then get down on one knee and propose.

The Old Scavenger Hunt. If your partner is into fun, games and puzzles, then a fun way to propose is to send your partner out on a scavenger hunt. Give them a list of the things to find. The items should have some kind of meaning to your relationship, such as having them get a menu from the first place you ate together at. You get the idea. You can even expand on that if you want, but this will take some planning on your part. Using the same scenario, have her go to that same restaurant to get the menu, but arrange for the front desk to not only give her one, but also a single rose. As she goes around collecting the items on the list, she will have accumulated 11 roses. The final search will lead them to meeting you somewhere special, where you will be waiting with the 12th rose, along with the ring. You can even take this one step further. Only inform her of the first item on the list. Then when she gets that item and the rose, she will receive the next item on the list along with that rose from the establishment so that she is on an unknown trail.

Vacation Time. Have your partner ask for a particular day off from work. But prior to her asking, secretly talk to their boss and try to get them a week off instead. If granted, she’ll think she’s only getting that one day off. Then take them on a romantic vacation. Have her friends or family members pack her a bag so that you can pick it up and off you go to the airport or drive to your destination right away. When you get there have a special meal ready for your partner and propose to them. Then inform them that they have a week full of fun in-store for her.

Helicopter Time. This one is really out there. No, no pun intended. But one way to really wow your partner would be to sign up for a helicopter adventure and tell them you are going on a short trip. Then have your friends and family get together, perhaps at the beach, and put votive candles in white paper lunch bags, light them and have them spell out “will you marry me?’ Obviously, the ride will have to take place near dusk so that they message can be seen. Then have the helicopter drop you off so that you can join your family and friends to celebrate on the spot. This would a great idea to include a wedding photographer to capture the moment and celebration and have those photos included at your wedding reception.

Packed Movie House. This one is truly unique and will take time to plan and put together, but worth it in the end. But, a special way to propose to your partner would be to rent a movie theater that is filled with a bunch of friends, co-workers and family. Your partner will think they are going just with you to see a particular movie. Make sure it’s dark inside so that they can’t see or recognize anyone. Immediately sit in the front with no one near you so they don’t look around and again, recognize anyone. Have the movie start the second you sit down. But, instead of the real movie, show a movie that you made for them. Start with pictures of each other’s childhood. Then go to pictures of your relationship from the beginning until present, then add in big letters on the movie screen “will you marry me?” Make sure the movie that you are playing includes music that has meaning in your relationship. Then present them with a dozen red roses that were already under your seat and propose. When they say, yes. Have the lights go on, and everyone will be there to celebrate.

Say Yes to the Dessert. Arrange ahead of time with a local baker and purchase a cake or other dessert with the writing on that asks her to marry you. Have them box it up but leave it at the shop. Later, take her to lunch or dinner and walk the street and do a little window shopping. As you pass the bakery, encourage her to go in with you. Ask the baker questions about the desserts in the case. Then have them say something like, “wait, I have the perfect dessert for you.” As he brings the box over, get behind her while he opens the lid. She looks at the cake and reads the proposal and quickly turns to look at you. At this point you are behind her and down on one knee with a ring ready to go.

String Her Along. Back at your place, set up a string that goes from the inside the front door to anywhere in the home you want her to go to. As she walks, the string will have a journey on it. Do a timeline of your relationship with photos, notes and little moments that she can look at as she walks along the string. Perhaps it will include the first date, the first kiss, etc, etc. Of course, at the end of the string will be you with a ring in hand ready to propose.

Delectable Gift Basket. Devise a gift basket for her that includes some of her favorite delectable such as coffee, tea or sweets. Also include within the basket, a box that contains an engagement ring. If it’s Easter, put the ring in one of the plastic eggs that are in her Easter basket.

Location, Location, Location

Whether you use any of the ideas above or not, you probably now have some ideas as to how you want to propose. But what about a location? Maybe you have something in mind that has important meaning you both or you can check out these wedding venues and/or engagement locations for more ideas.

Three16 Photography Engagement Locations

Three16 Photography Wedding Venues

Bottom line, it doesn’t really matter where or how you propose, as long as you do it with honesty, integrity and with love. If you keep that in mind, then you will create a special moment that works for you both and one we’re sure she will never forget, not to mention brag about it to her family and friends.

Congratulation and Best of Luck!


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