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Peters Canyon Regional Park

Peters Canyon Regional Park engagement photos

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Your outfit should reflect you personality.  Maybe you want to dress for an adventure or maybe you want to go formal.  Consider how your attire can fit with your session location.

What will you wear


Some locations can be super crowded.  While a session at the beach, a popular park or Disneyland can be great, it may not be ideal for you.

Location Popularity


Do you love nature?  Did you go to a fair on your first date?  While a beautiful garden might be fun for some, maybe it isn't the perfect location for you.

Who Are You As A Couple


As seasons shift so does temperature, sunset times, foliage and crowds. Not all locations are a great choice year round.  

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discovering orange county engagement locations:


When you think of Orange County, many imagine the coastline and all the business structures. But if you did not know already, Orange County has more naturesque locations than what you might think. I’m not just talking about neighborhood parks, but actual large areas full of nature at its best. One of our favorites to shoot engagement sessions at is located just four miles up the street from us. Engagement Photos taken by Three16 Photography at Peters Canyon Regional Park in Orange offers you wonderful memories to enjoy forever.

Peters Canyon sits on 340 acres of land and offers a variety of hiking trails and roads, which is perfect for those who like to hike, ride horses or mountain bike. All of which we can incorporate into your shoot to give your photos that special touch of your personality.

If it’s the nature part you are most excited about, this location includes, but is not limited to, coastal sage scrub, freshwater marsh, and various grasslands, not to mention it is home to migrating waterfowl and other wildlife animals. Peters Canyon has a very serene-like reservoir which can add a nice touch to your shot and if we go a little higher up the trail, then of course you will get a spectacular panoramic view of Orange County in the background of your photos.

With all that it has to offer in an engagement location with amazing photo backdrops, Peters Canyon is a perfect choice for your photo session.

One other note, if Peters Canyon Regional Park is your first choice for your session, have a backup plan in place as well. It is not uncommon that they will close the trails for three days or more after having a rainfall. So, if we schedule your session three months out, we won’t know the rain situation until it gets closer. Be prepared. Also, there is a small parking fee at this location and if you try to park on Peters Canyon Road to avoid the fee, you will be subject to a citation.

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