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Riley's Farm

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12261 Oak Glen Rd
Yucaipa, CA 92399

setting: Nature / Unique

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For those of you that are looking to get away from the city and are seeking a more unique country-style feel for your engagement photography session, then you might want to consider Riley’s Farm. This is a beautiful mountainous area that takes you back to a simpler time. Riley’s Farm Engagement Photos by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful nature to your Oak Glen engagement photos.

If you look up Riley’s for an address, don’t be confused. Although the address is the same, Riley’s Farm will list the city as Oak Glen, while others list it as Yucaipa; they’re the same. But regardless of the city, if you took the 10 freeway to Oak Glen Road, the road winds around and you will get to your destination.

Riley’s Farm itself is in one location, but it also has other locations under the name Riley’s. Surrounded by a beautiful scenery of nature consisting of mountains, trees and various fruits and vegetables. In the fall season, you will also get all the amazing fall colors that you would typically only see back east.

Another great unique aspect is the old-school cottage style buildings that has that colonial feel to it. In fact, there are days there that they will reenact the Revolutionary War and other historical events. On weekends, they often have various activities such as candle making, hatchet tossing and pewter figurine making, all of which can be incorporated giving your photographs, which will add some fun personality to them.

Another aspect to consider for your Riley's Farms engagement photos is apple picking. Riley’s is a farming community and a large part of it is an apple orchard. We can photograph the two of you apple picking and making your own fresh apple cider.

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This is truly a great location for a daytime date and your engagement photo session. So, if you are looking for something outdoors and unique, Riley’s Farm would make for an ideal location for your engagement photo session, and it’s pet friendly. One item to note, there is a small travel fee added to your package, but the fun you will have will be worth the fee.

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