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discovering los Angeles county engagement locations:


Los Angeles engagement photography is the type of photography we love doing with our recently engaged couples. Located along the Southern California coast, Santa Monica Pier Engagement Photos shot by Three16 Photography will bring you a lifetime of beautiful photos and you will have the time of your life during the shoot.

The Santa Monica Pier, located about nine miles from the LA Airport, has a long history dating back to 1909 and is considered as one of the older amusement areas in all of Los Angeles. It is an area where modern-day atmosphere meets up with the nostalgia of our past.

With everything the zone has to offer, so does some great photography opportunities. First and foremost is the Pacific Park area that is home to several rides such a tower ride, a 5-story roller coaster, and of course, the only Ferris wheel that goes over the ocean water in this state. The wheel, the neon sign and the pier itself are world-renowned. Photographing your engagement phots here is a dream. With so much activity and angles, you are sure to get some really exciting results. The giant Ferris wheel allows us to shoot from plenty of angles, which gives us the opportunity to take some really unique photographs. Shooting from the ground going into the sky, shooting from behind you while high up on the wheel; the creativity in your shots can be endless. And if we are there on the right day, maybe we will see a celebrity or two.

There are also plenty of other activities in the area of the pier that we can incorporate into your engagement shoot. Imagine yourselves in the older style Santa Monica Arcade playing games together, or you can rent bikes to ride along the coast and other fun rides. Then of course, eating ice cream cones together or other carnival-type foods make for great pictures as well.

So, if you want something fun and different than the traditional beach shoot for your engagement photos, you might want to consider Three16 Photography for your engagement photo session at the Santa Monica Pier.

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