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Sculpture Garden

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183rd St
Cerritos, CA 90703

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There are many well-known parks out there; some large, some small. And then comes along a diamond in the rough. In the city of Cerritos, there is a small park with its own niche for something different. Sculpture Garden Engagement Photos in Cerritos by Three16 Photography will add some unique architecture & art that will enhance your engagement photos. 

Although the park is smaller in size, with all its unique sculptures and artwork, we can easily get in an hour of photography. The variety of art and sculptures are hard to describe, as they are that unique compared to other artwork, but each piece can add a touch of personality to the backdrops of your photos. Some of the sculptures will not be simply used as a backdrop, but as part of the photo where you can actually touch the art pieces. We highly recommend checking this location out on Google Images.

Simply put, the simplicity of Sculpture Garden is a great location for photo opportunities and the parking here is plenty.

If you are looking for something different than many other couples for their engagement photos, this would be the place. Unless people know about the location, they will not have this sort of items as their backgrounds. Although others do visit the park, it is typically not too crowded.

In addition, next door to the park is the Cerritos Sheriff Station and nearby is the Cerritos City Hall and the public library. These are places that we can incorporate into your photo session for a little variety in architecture. There is a really nice-looking water fountain located at the sheriff station that will add character to your photos. And the architecture at City Hall is amazing. In addition, Heritage Park is just around the corner and would make for some fun additional photography.

The Sculpture Garden is completely open to the public, so there is no permit required. This park is a really fun and great place to take Sculpture Garden engagement photos at for your engagement session.

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