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1905 Workman Mill Rd
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Welcome to Swiss Park Banquet Center located in Whittier, CA. They offer catering services for weddings, corporate catering, parties and other events as well. The Swiss Park Banquet Center offers themselves as a full event venue. They provide various types of meals that will make your time there amazing. A Swiss Park Banquet Center Wedding in Whittier makes for a beautiful wedding location. Three16 Photography can capture your moment for a lifetime.

There are three locations on the property that you can choose from for your event, and each one will truly highlight your wedding photos.

The Matterhorn Room is the larger of the two indoor locations. It has seating from approximately 100 to 350 guests. The room is simply beautiful. It offers sconces, crystal chandelier, mirrors and perfectly placed lighting.

For a smaller and more intimate setting, the Alpine Room would be your best choice as it has a capacity of approximately 50 to 125 guests. The Alpine Room sounds like its name. Alpine is Swiss; therefore, the room will remind you of a Swiss Chalet. It has sconces and warm brass chandeliers.

Lastly, you can take you event outdoors and into the Swiss Park’s garden area. This private area has a lush garden which would make for some beautiful backgrounds in your photography.

A Swiss Park Banquet Center wedding also offers three menu packages depending on your event. They have one menu for Reception Only, which typically is your wedding reception, birthdays, corporate gatherings or any other special event. Another package menu is for your Ceremony and Reception being held in the garden area, and the last menu package is the Twilight Package. The Twilight Package is a budget friendly ceremony and reception bundle.

If you want to learn more about the Swiss Park Banquet Center for your wedding destination, go to too review their website, or you can visit them in person at 1905 Workman Mill Rd, Whittier, CA 90601 or call them at 562-699-1525.

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