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31595 Table Rock Dr
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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One of the best parts of being an Orange County Engagement Photographer is shooting your engagement photos at some of the greatest beaches along the state’s coastline. One of our absolute favorite beaches is a locally-known, tucked away hidden gem called Table Rock Beach. Table Rock Beach Engagement Photos in Laguna Beach by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful Orange County coastline to your engagement photos.

Table Rock Beach is located at the southern end of Laguna Beach area prior to going into Dana Point and appears to be more of one of Laguna’s many coves rather than a beach. It is not a private beach, so the public does have access to it. However, outside of the locals, not many know about this location, thus it can sometimes feel secluded or not nearly as crowded as the other beaches. During the summer months we might see a few more of the younger generation enjoying the beach, but typically not enough to interfere with your photo session.

We truly love this location for several reasons, but mostly because of all the rock formations. Table Rock itself gets its name from this large rock formation located right in the middle of the beach that can take you from the sand and out into the water. There’s also other rock formations on either side of the beach, including a very large rock that people use to jump or dive off from. Rock formations will add amazing characteristics to your photos whether they are used as background images or if you decide to stand on them. At this beach, we will often see the waves crash up against the rocks, which makes for fantastic photos too.

Table Rock Beach also has a small tunnel area which can also make for some unique looking shots as well.

Even though this is our favorite beach for engagement photography, there are a couple of challenges to be aware of. The parking for this beach is not easy to find. So, you will need to plan additional time for parking. Entrance is literally just south of Coyote Grill and Papa's Tacos.  And keep in mind, this is a rather small beach, therefore once you do find parking, getting from your parking spot to the beach will require a bit of exercise as it takes a few flights of stairs to get down to the beach. If you have been to Thousand Steps Beach, then this one will be a breeze.

This location is an absolute favorite of Three16 Photography for its lack of crowds and the awesome rock formations. Having your Table Rock Beach engagement photos shot here is truly worth the workout. You can learn more about the Table Rock Beach by visiting

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