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University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697

setting: Nature/Unique

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Being an engagement photographer in Orange County, you think of shooting photos at the many beach and park locations. Perhaps some downtown areas that reek of urban design, but what about a college campus? UC Irvine engagement photos  by Three16 Photography will add some unique architecture on the campus to enhance to your engagement photos. UC Irvine is filled with amazing classic and modern urban architecture and artwork. This is definitely different than a beach.

We love shooting photography at UC Irvine as this campus has much to offer that will beautify the background of your photos. Many of these backdrops will allow your photos to pop with its characteristics and personality. UCI is a large campus, and you will find that the areas that we love to shoot mostly in all include amazing artwork throughout campus, a really great courtyard and a water fountain. But our favorite part of shooting photos at UCI is Aldrich Park. Aldrich Park is very large in size that is often filled with flowers, plants and trees which always makes for beautiful shots. One particular tree has an enormous root system above ground and it will allow your UC Irvine engagement photos to really standout.

Although parking at the campus is very accessible, it is also a very large. Therefore, to avoid getting lost and not finding each other, we typically meet across the street at In & Out Burger located on Campus Dr, just off of W. Peltason Dr., where we can walk to Langson Library and start the session.

For all the amazing reasons we listed above, we recommend UC Irvine for your engagement photography. Plus, it is local to all of Orange County and for those that are attending UCI or graduated from UCI, this location can be sentimental to you.

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