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Yorba Regional Park

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Yorba Regional Park engagement photos

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Out of all the parks that we’ve shot engagement photography at, the Yorba Regional Park is one of our favorites. It’s an amazing park with so many features for your Orange County engagement photos. Yorba Regional Park Engagement Photos in Anaheim by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful nature to your engagement photos.

Some parks are your standard parks, they have your green grass with sports fields, while others are completely opposite and focus on pure nature and hiking trails. Yorba Regional Park is right in the middle. It can afford to do that due to its enormous size. In one end you have sports fields, while the other end is trees, green grass and the likes. Our favorite part however, is the very large pond in the middle of the park.

This pond is epic and worth checking out for a photo session. The pond includes a bridge and various docks that we can incorporate into your photos giving them a nice background packed with character. The trees in this area are forest-like and you can fish at this pond, as well as rent a paddleboat. All make for great photos.

We typically start out at the wooden bridge behind the car wash. This bridge has so much personality that you will see why we start there. The bridges can also take us to the Santa Ana Riverbed and Trail if you choose to do so. From there we will spend a vast majority of time around the trees and the pond area. Because this is such a family orientated park, we could also rent bikes or paddleboats and incorporate them into our shots.

If you choose to have Yorba Regional Park engagement photos, we recommend doing it on weekdays. Although parking is very accessible there, the park just gets too crowded on the weekends. This park is family-friendly, so there will be many people that can interfere in our shots. Lots of dog walking, picnics and barbecues are also the norm.

This amazing location includes 400 picnic tables, 200 BBQ’s, dogs and horses are welcomed, paddleboats, model boats, bicycles and fishing. Plus, it has fitness stations throughout the park, horseshoe areas, 6 playgrounds, ballfields and plenty of room to fly kites. This park is simply awesome! 

So, if you are looking for engagement photography in one of the very best parks in Orange County, then check-out Yorba Regional Park.

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