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Anaheim Library

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2650 W Broadway
Anaheim, CA 92804

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Anaheim Public Library engagement photos

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Located on the corner of West Broadway and Harbor Blvd, the Anaheim Public Library offers some really terrific architecture to its building causing it to offer great backdrops to your engagement photos. Anaheim Library engagement photos captured by the team at Three16 Photography will provide you with a lifetime of beautiful memories.

The library features colonial-style columns at the entry way on both sides of the stairwell, along with older American lighting. Meaning a couple of early 1900’s lampposts with the large fishbowl bulb coverings. Out in front are large letters that spell out MUZEO. Muzeo means Museum. The letters that are on display at the library are individually unique to one another. For example:
The letter M has that brownish marble look to it.
The letter U has a tin plating look to it.
The letter Z is covered in foliage.
The letter E is filled in with medium to large stones.
The letter O appears to have that wooden look to it.
In any event, it is truly unique and stands out in your photos.

The Anaheim Public Library is located just four miles down the street from the Anaheim Packing District. So, if time permits, we can incorporate the packing district into your engagement photo session. One item to note, we cannot take photos inside the Packing House, but are free to on the open grounds outside the House and property.

Just outside the Packing House is a grassy area with seating and trees, a couple of large statues of roosters at one of the entrances, some areas of the outside have that very rustic look, as well as wonderful outdoor lighting if we run into the evening time. Because this use to be a working warehouse along with the railroad, there is an older model train car next to the building, which always makes for a unique photo opportunity.

If more time permits to include one additional location, a block away is the Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center. Walking through this location, there are some really nice architecture and a variety of shops that make for nice backdrops for your photos as well.

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