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Carbon Canyon Regional Park

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4442 Carbon Canyon Rd
Brea, CA 92823

setting: NATURE

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One of the reasons we really love shooting Orange County engagement photography is all the different type of locations we can shoot at. Orange County offers such locations as the coastal areas, old towns, modern buildings, sporting venues and many parks. But there are some that offer a full range of nature, therefore, Carbon Canyon Regional Park Engagement Photos in Brea by Three16 Photography adds a touch of naturesque backgrounds to your photographs. 

Carbon Canyon is not your typical park… It’s a hidden gem! This place is a very large 124-acre park, with many hiking trails and small bodies of water, as well as small dams on the property that gives you that forest feeling when you get away from the highway. If you go a little deeper, you will find some old abandoned cars embedded into the woods and the tall grass.

Whether you are familiar with Carbon Canyon or not, we can make some suggestions as the best way to get there based on where in the park you want to shoot. Although the main family area where there is a lot of open space is in Brea, the further down the hiking trails you go the more likely you will end up in Yorba Linda. The park will take you all the way to the Chino Hills State Park. We said this place was huge.

In the Yorba Linda area of the park is three acres of Redwood Trees, or better known as Redwood Grove. Not as tall as you will find in Yosemite, but none the less, they are all around you.

We have found that the best time of the year to shoot engagement photography at Carbon Canyon Regional is in the Spring. Many wildflowers are in bloom at that time for a more nature feel to your photos. Summer through Winter, the plants appear to be more dead-like in appearance. If you are looking to go rustic, then maybe that dead look is what you will want.

So, if nature is what you are looking for, then a Carbon Canyon Regional Park engagement photo session would certainly meet your wants. You can learn more about Carbon Canyon Regional Park by visiting

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