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4442 Carbon Canyon Rd
Brea, CA 92823

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How many of you knew that Orange County is home to the only non-native successful redwood growth in Southern California? Most don’t think it even exists, but it does. It is an extremely beautiful hidden gem that’s located in the northern part of the county. Redwood Grove Engagement Photos in Yorba Linda by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful nature to your engagement photos.

Technically, this 3-acre area is part of the Carbon Canyon Regional Park, but the grove itself is located in the Yorba Linda part of the park. There are two main ways to get to this grove. The longer way is to park in the carbon canyon park parking lot and hike about 2-2.5 miles. The shorter way is to park off the Valley View Circle and walk less than a half mile. It is not an easy place to find unless you’re with someone that knows what they are looking for. After all, this grove does not have an exact address.

That all said, the Redwood Grove is an amazing location to shoot your engagement photo session due to the forest-like feel to it and all the beautiful green trees. These trees are not that old, but they can live to over 2,000 years. There are approximately 100 trees and although they are not as tall as the northern trees, the tallest was recently measured at 92 feet, and it still beats the long drive to Yosemite for the same backdrops in your photos. The land is well maintained and looks pretty much the same throughout the year compared to those parks where the seasons are really apparent in foliage showing life during some seasons and dead-looking in other seasons.

We will typically stop at the top of the trail as there is a big open dirt field there where we can take additional shots. This may not sound glamorous, but the dirt field gives your photos a great contrast compared to all Redwood Tree images. Also, there will be plenty of trees in the background. But one of the parts we love most about taking Redwood Grove engagement photos at this location is that it’s pretty secluded, therefore we won’t have to fight crowds or have people in the background of your photos.

If there were any disadvantages of this location is that other than the trees, there is not much else that gives you that forest-like feel to it and we highly recommend waiting at least two or three days after a rain storm before hiking to the grove area as it becomes extremely muddy and slippery.

As said, this incredible Redwood Grove, with its beautiful forest-like feel to it, brings a touch of Yosemite down here to Orange County. Unfortunately, there is no actual website for this location, but check out these blog sites that we think you’ll enjoy about the Redwood Grove and other sites too.

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