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Being that we are here in Southern California means we have access to photograph some beautiful weddings at some of the most amazing venues anywhere. And even though many are opting for more modern-style wedding ceremonies, there is nothing like that of a wedding taking place in a chapel or a church venue. Chapel and Church Wedding Venues make for great wedding photos. Three16 Photography photographs weddings in Orange County, LA & all of Southern California.

Shooting wedding photography at the many chapels and church locations throughout Southern California has allowed us to get so many interesting backdrop shots. From the sanctuary of the older churches to today’s more modern facilities, these buildings come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s not forget the religious artifacts that hang on the walls or some very unique stained-glass windows. There is always this “very formal feel” to a ceremony when done in a chapel or at a church.

Of course, all venues, whether they are chapels and churches or not, have their pros and their cons, but if you opt for a chapel or church as your wedding venue, it should be quite amazing!

Although there are many great chapel, churches and even courthouses throughout Southern California, some of them have had some special meaning to us one way or another, including, but not limited to The Chapel of Orange, the Old Orange County Courthouse, Waverley Chapel, and of course, Mariners Church.

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Advantages of a Chapel & Church Wedding Venue

  • Practice your faith and honor both your family and their traditions as well as honoring God.
  • The “traditional” aspect since for many, many years almost all weddings took place in a chapel or a church and it can be fun.
  • No worries in finding seating for your guests since seating is already in place.
  • If you’re practicing religion within your relationship, then it’s a great way to connect wedding with God.

Disadvantages of a Chapel & Church Wedding Venue
  • Some Chapels/Churches have very strict policies for weddings in terms of timing and especially with photography and/or videography. May restrict those two vendors from capturing your day the way you visualized. Note – we honor all church/chapel rules and work with the venue and their policies.
  • Many chapels/churches will have more than one event planned in a day, thus limiting your time and they are very strict on that time. The exception to this is if you rent the venue for the whole day.
  • Some chapels and churches are beautiful looking, and others are not. Not only does this affect the ambiance, but the background to your photos too. Some have gorgeous décor and others are less likely to allow you to decorate compared to a different venue.
  • Very limited time if you are planning a Sunday wedding.

advantages  & disadvantages of a church wedding venue:

One other note, not all chapel and church venues allow for receptions. So, be sure to check out these locations before choosing a venue. And congrats!


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