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As The Book Ends, A New Life Begins

Over the years our wedding team has worked with hundreds of couples and we can truly say there is always something so special about each one.  As an Orange County wedding photography team, it was truly a delight to get to know Andrew and Cindy over the last few months leading up to the big day.  From doing their engagement session in Old Towne Orange to our meetings at our office above Mary Me Bridal to the big day at Coyote Hills in Fullerton one thing has always been clear…  Andrew has a natural ability to put a radiating smile on Cindy’s face.

At one point we were told that Andrew isn’t the biggest fan of taking pictures but it seems that when Cindy is around he completely forgets we are there which is just the way we like it.  As an Orange County wedding photography team, it is always our goal to first and foremost capture amazing pictures but in doing so we want to help our clients throughout the process, especially on the wedding day.  Typically in doing so, our clients become so comfortable with our photographers that we become more like friends that they can count on to help them on their wedding day.

Looking back at Andrew and Cindy’s Coyote Hills wedding we can honestly say it was perfect.  From the moment Andrew and Cindy had their first look, we knew the day was simply going to be magical.  It was so sweet watching these two exchange lover letters, wedding rings, and most importantly their commitment to each other and Coyote Hills in Fullerton offered a beautiful backdrop to their wedding day.

We hope you enjoy Cindy and Andrew’s Love Story….

Photo by: Three16 Photography (

Photo by: Three16 Photography (

Cindy and Andrew’s Love Story

Cindy’s Perspective….

Q:           How did you first meet Andrew?

A:            We first met in the city of Long Beach. A mutual friend of ours, his co-worker who was my high school friend, invited us to a club/bar. I was actually not in the mood to go out that day, but my friend convinced me.


Q:           Upon first meeting Andrew, what were your first thoughts?

A:            Well, there were two guys my friend introduced us to that night. Andrew was one of them. The other was not my type at all. I thought Andrew was cute and he was even cuter trying so hard to talk to me. Ha!

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Q:           Tell us about your first date and what was your favorite moment?

A:            We had a few dates but the one I remember so vividly was when he asked me to be his girlfriend. He was so nervous and quiet that night. I honestly thought he took me out to break things off with me. He took me to a fancy steakhouse. It was so beautiful. My favorite part of the night was when he asked me to be his girlfriend because I finally knew why he was being so quiet.

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Q:           What is it about Andrew that sets him apart from the rest?

A:            Andrew loves me no matter how “crazy” I have been. He knows how to make me feel special and how to deal with me – lol. I can be kind of a brat sometimes and when everyone else bailed on me, he always stuck around.

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Q:           Tell us a goofy or funny story about Andrew.

A:            I remember when he just met my parents for the first time. It was so funny! My parents speak broken English and he speaks broken Spanish, so there was definitely a language barrier. Just hearing him try to speak in Spanish was so funny and cute! The whole time they talked to each other I served as the translator – lol. He was blushing the whole time and using the wrong words at times – lol.


Q:           How did Andrew propose and were you surprised?

A:            He proposed at a wine safari in Malibu. He invited my family, as they were all in on it. I thought it was just an outing we were doing because we all wanted to go on this wine safari. When we reached the last stop, he pulled me aside and gave me a book he made. The book was about us. It told a story of our lives together. The last page was asking if we would have a happy ending, then when I looked at him, he was on his knee with a ring!  Yes, I was very surprised and in disbelief!

Photo by: Three16 Photography (

Photo by: Three16 Photography (

Andrew’s Perspective….

Q:           What do you and Cindy do for work?

A:            I am a special education teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District and Cindy is an accountant for a local produce company.


Q:           Besides your proposal, what would you say was the best date you ever planned for Cindy?

A:            Probably the date on which I asked her to be my girlfriend. I took her to Fleming’s Steakhouse and we enjoyed a very romantic dinner together. At the end of the dinner, I asked her to be my girlfriend all the while being very nervous. She said yes, thankfully.

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Q:           What was it about Cindy that made you realize you wanted to marry her?

A:            Her heart. When Cindy loves someone or something, she gives her all to that person. That is how I have felt since we first started going out. I have seen her love and commitment to me many times over especially when I was dealing with my chronic illness and eventual surgery. She was right by my side even though she had to commute to school and home about 100 miles a day.

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Q:           Planning weddings can be stressful, but there are good times as well.  What have you enjoyed most about the planning process and how have you both grown closer together?

A:            I enjoy the relationships we build with our vendors. Planning a wedding can strain a relationship if communication is not clear and frequent. I believe we try to communicate and share our feelings as soon as possible. We don’t always see eye-to-eye on issues concerning wedding plans, but we usually compromise well. I think we have grown closer together in terms of our finances actually. We now view our finances as a shared commitment where we are working towards a shared goal. It seems to help reduce the stress.

Photo by: Three16 Photography (

Photo by: Three16 Photography (

Q:           Why did you propose the way you did and do you think Cindy knew what you had planned?

A:            I don’t think Cindy had any idea I was proposing. She likes to binge on reality TV; one day, we saw a wine safari tour on TV and she thought it would be nice to do it together. I thought of the idea of celebrating her mother’s birthday as a cover for the proposal. It is a nice spot—romantic, up in the Malibu hills, overlooking a beautiful winery. I thought she would have suspicions before I proposed—that is, during the planning process—but realized on the day that she had no idea. I was very nervous and wanted things to work out as planned. I’m so glad they did.

Another reason I decided to propose the way I did is because I wanted her family to be there. Her mom, dad and two sisters were able to go with us, too, so that made it much more personal and extra special for Cindy, I believe.

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Q:           What is your number one tip to couples that are thinking about getting married?

A:            Take your time in thinking about marriage. It took me about five years to finally propose. There is no rush to make a big life commitment unless you are really ready and committed. A marriage is more than a piece of paper. It’s a public commitment to each other in front of each other, in front of each other’s family and friends as well. It’s the ceremonial grandness of it that makes it so serious and important.

Photo by: Three16 Photography (

Photo by: Three16 Photography (

Photo by: Three16 Photography (

Photo by: Three16 Photography (

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Photo by: Three16 Photography (

Photo by: Three16 Photography (


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Coyote Hills Golf Course Wedding | Andrew & Cindy

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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