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discovering los Angeles county engagement locations:


One of our favorite locations in Los Angeles County to shoot engagement photography is at Griffith Park. Not only is Griffith Park home to the amazing Griffith Observatory, but just down the hill from the observatory is the home to a really awesome park and the Los Angeles Zoo. For somewhere truly unique for your engagement photography session, visit Griffith Park and the Los Angeles Zoo. In addition, Griffith Park Engagement Photos by Three16 Photography will add some unique and beautiful nature shots to your Los Angeles engagement photo session.

In the park itself, there are many walking trails that we can take and get many nature-like photos. Two areas that make for great photos is the Bronson Caves and, making for a great backdrop to your photos, is the Hollywood Sign.

Back in the park area, we can include in your photo’s shots taken from an old-school merry-go-round, Southern Railroad, Travel Town Museum, Wilson & Harding Golf Courses, the LA Equestrian Center, the Greek Theater, the Gene Autry Museum of the American West and the Friendship Auditorium, which is a great place for weddings and other events.

However, probably our favorite, and most unique aspect of Griffith Park, is the old Los Angeles Zoo. With the opening of the current zoo in 1966, the old zoo was left abandoned. Now, it is open to the public and with that, we can actually go inside the old exhibits and shoot photography. We can enter the old lion den, the elephant caves and other locations. We can go behind the rocks down into the caves where we will see so much that the average visitor never gets to see when going to the zoo. The old zoo is really different and to our knowledge, there is nothing like this anywhere.

Griffith Park has so many great locations that we can use as backgrounds to your engagement photos that will add a lot of personality to your shots.

Griffith Park engagement photos will bring to your photos a mixture of nature and that urban feel to them, and will make for a great choice for your engagement photography session.

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