August 12, 2019

Hotel Irvine Wedding | Sam & Sepideh

Hotel Irvine Wedding | Sam & Sepideh

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As an Orange County Professional Photographer, my team and I just adore the couples we meet, whether it’s to photograph their engagement session, their wedding, various stages of their family life or any combination of any of those, each one of them are truly great to work with. But perhaps our favorite part is hearing their stories. This is especially true for Sepideh and Sam. What a fun and truly wonderful couple that we had the pleasure of photographing their amazing Hotel Irvine wedding here in Orange County.

Hotel Irvine provides that simplicity and grandeur all in one location. With every turn there is a picture-perfect spot to take those wedding photos that will last a lifetime. This is more than just a hotel as they really took into consideration décor and plant life that will accentuate the backgrounds of your wedding photography. With their ability to customize every wedding to your taste, the staff at Hotel Irvine will bring your special day to life as they did for Sepideh and Sam.

Although they met during Sepideh’s freshman year of high school, they didn’t start dating for about two years later as Sam was dating Sepideh’s good friend at the time. But once these two started dating, there was nothing holding them back. Although they had hoped for a craft beer brewery as their wedding location, the Hotel Irvine was a perfect replacement for it. Their playful banter is contagious and their love for one another is very real. You can see it in their faces and eyes when they are in the same room together.

We would really like to thank Sepideh and Sam for allowing Three16 Photography to be part of your special day. We wish you many years of love and happiness.

Check out their love story. We hope you enjoy it, and their photos, as much as we do.

Sepideh and Sam’s Love Story

How did you both meet and who liked who first?

Sepideh: It was back in 2004 during my freshman year of high school when my close friend at the time introduced me to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was Sam. We became friends, but things were strictly plutonic between us until about a year after he and my friend broke up. We started dating our junior year while still in high school. He totally liked me first.

Sam: Nope.

Sepideh: Totally.


Tell us about your first date. Who was more nervous and what did you guys do?

Sepideh: As all teenagers do, we went to the movies on our first date. However, before the movie started, we visited a Halloween shop by the theater, where Sam decided to chase me with a severed arm prop.

Sam: It wasn’t a severed arm. It was a severed hand.

Sepideh: …

What’s the proposal story? Give us all the details and tell us, who cried first?

Sepideh: Our friend had been talking about a new brewery (Stereo Brewery in Placentia) near his office. It was after work when I got a call from him saying he was working there that night to help pick up a shift after a worker called in sick. He asked if Sam and I were interested in coming by and supporting the new business. Sam met us there and we proceeded to have a couple of drinks and several 2-ounce shots of their 9.0 ABV beer, Robot.

So, we’re sitting there, feeling a tiny bit of a buzz and thinking “Gee, this place would be a fun place to have a wedding reception. You down?” It wasn’t until we were driving to In and Out Burger when we realized no one proposed even though we were getting married. I actually think I proposed we go to In and Out. It’s been a few months, no tears yet.

Our plans for a brewery wedding were vetoed by my parents pretty much immediately.

As you approach the wedding day, what have you both enjoyed most about the wedding planning process?

Sepideh: The food tasting process has been fairly fun. I designed all of our invitations and printed materials. It was something I had a lot of fun doing.

What has been the hardest part about planning your wedding?

Sepideh: It’s been a lot harder than we initially thought it’d be. There are so many moving pieces and everything is happening at once.

Why did you choose your particular wedding and reception venue?

Sepideh: My dad actually found it. We liked the tented area outside as it had a very romantic and minimalistic presence about it.

Where did you draw some of your inspiration from for your wedding day?

Sepideh: I wanted something timeless and classic; something minimalistic, but elegant.

Where are you going for the honeymoon? Are you excited and why did you choose that destination?
We are holding off on a honeymoon for a few months. Sam just got a new job, so it will take him a little time to build up the vacation time. We have a couple of different places in mind for when we do actually take a honeymoon. It just depends on where we are in terms of work.


Vendors used for Sepideh and Sam’s gorgeous Hotel Irvine Wedding:

Location Information

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Hotel Irvine

Address: 17900 Jamboree Rd., Irvine, CA 92614

Vendor Information

Company: Three16 Photography

Instagram: @three16photography

Company: Boffo Video



Company: Petal Pushers


Company: DJ Payam/Kamyar


Company: The Besharati Group


Company: Sweettakes


Company: Julia Hiles


Company: Mon Amie Bridal Salan

Brand / Designer: LianCarlo

Company: Men’s Warehouse


Name of Person: Sepideh Nia

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