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Huntington Beach Library

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7111 Talbert Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92648 

setting: Park / Unique

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Often when you are considering a location for your engagement photo session you typically don’t think of a park that is unique or you want something unique, and you come across a park. But for this location, they work together. The Huntington Beach Public Library is more than just a library, it’s a cultural center and is located in the middle of a full complex of parks and activities. Huntington Beach Library Engagement Photos taken by Three16 Photography will leave you with many cherished memories for you and your family to enjoy.

Not only does the Huntington Beach Central Library and Cultural Center, offer a variety of library and cultural services to the city, but it is the perfect location for an afternoon of photographing your session with wide variety of backgrounds that are sure to enhance your photos.

In addition to a vast amount of greenery from all the trees, bushes, plants and flowers, there other options to include. There is the architecture from the library building itself, as well as the lobby area inside the library, are some amazing options for your backdrops. Along with the library, on this patch of land is also the Huntington Beach Sports Complex and the Central Park Sports Complex, a disc golf course, Shipley’s Nature Center, a semi-large lake, and just to the north of the library is the Huntington Beach Central Park.

With all the options that this library complex has to offer, we truly can be here all day.

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