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One of the things the staff of Three16 Photography has noticed during this 2020 pandemic was not just the postponements of weddings until future dates, but the vast increase in engagements. In fact, this might be the biggest year of engagements photo sessions that I’ve been part of in the nearly past decade since becoming an engagement photographer here in Orange County.

We have found over the years that the biggest pro to engagement photos sessions is just how much at ease the couples tend to be versus that of their wedding day. A wedding day often brings a lot of different stresses and nervousness’. At an engagement session, it’s just one photographer and the couple, which allows them to just be themselves and are often at ease with each other. Because they are at ease, they just seem to have a good time with other, and that often shows up in the photos. This was definitely evident in a recent engagement photo session we did with Kyrie and Marc at the Jeffrey Open Space Trail.

Located in Irvine, Jeffrey Open Space Trail is one of your typical parks with lots grass, some tall trees and plenty of trails. It does offer some other features such as unique rock formations and a tunnel area. Although it doesn’t offer a lot compared to some other locations, it is still a beautiful location and your photos will stand out. It’s one of our favorite park locations.

On the day of this photo shoot, the weather was perfect for engagement photos. Kyrie and Marc were so loving. They were always smiling and laughing with each other. Watching them interact with each other really warms your heart. We did the shoot just prior to Thanksgiving, and despite Covid, the park was quite busy. Many people were out and about getting their walking and jogging in before the holiday and there were many other people there having their family photos photographed for the holidays. But we waited patiently for our turn and were able to get some really terrific shots during this sunset session.

Just to think, from a chance meeting in high school, to a night out with friends in Long Beach, to a special night before a Chris Brown concert and now a wedding set for June 2021 at The Clubhouse in Anaheim Hills, Kyrie and Marc truly are a special couple.

We were honored to be asked to photograph their engagement and look forward to shooting their wedding. We would really like to thank Kyrie and Marc for allowing us to be part of your special day. We wish you many years of love and happiness.

Check out their love story. We hope you enjoy it, and their photos, as much as we do.

Kyrie and Marc’s Love Story

How & When did you first meet? Describe your thoughts and how you felt about each other, and tell us, was it love at first sight?

We first met in at Lakewood High School. Marc was an incoming freshman, and I was the senior cheer captain showing freshman around. Marc’s brother and I were already friends and I told Marc if he needed anything to let me know. He remained Erik’s little brother for a long time until after high school when we became really good friends. It was definitely not love at first sight. I thought Marc was a nerdy freshman. Marc’s first thoughts were… she’s hot haha. He had a crush since that moment.


What do you both do for work?

Kyrie works in the discipline office at Paramount High School West Campus. Marc works for Profound Technologies which is an AV installation company.

GROOM: What was it that made you first start liking your bride-to-be?

When we started chatting over Facebook Messenger. I realized how down to earth she was and how we would chat for hours.

BRIDE: What was it that made you first start liking your groom-to-be?

We were already friends and when we finally hung out, everything just kind of worked. It was extremely easy to be around him and we just had this crazy chemistry. I wanted to always talk to him and realized not just as friends.


Tell us about your first date. What was going through your mind, where did you go and what did you do?

We never had an official first date. We were both getting out of different situations and he invited me out with his friends. We went to Cirevello’s and then ended up going to 2nd street. We really couldn’t stay away from each other that night. We danced, drank, and had a great time. The whole time we both were thinking why not? Why not give us a try and get out of the friendzone.

What makes your relationship special? Tell us some things that you both value in your time together and what makes your relationship unique?

Our taste in music really makes our relationship special. We listen to everything from hip-hop to country. We both love to dance and enjoy going out and just dancing the night away. We love watching our teams battle it out on the football field from professional football to college football. We are a house divided when it comes to sports which makes watching games more eventful for us. We both have a huge love for movies and board games. One of our favorite things to do is go to Chris Brown concerts when he’s in town. We haven’t missed a concert since we have been together.

Tell us about your proposal story! How and Where did it all unfold? Were you surprised and tell us, who cried first?

We had tickets to the Chris Brown concert on October 19th. It was our 5-year anniversary present to each other. We planned a staycation in Anaheim just for the weekend to spend time together. Marc had been planning the proposal for a few months and went on a ring shopping adventure that eventually led him to the perfect engagement ring for me. Marc picked me up at my house to go to the concert. I had no idea he had the ring box in his sock. He seemed a little off and I had no clue it was because he was nervous.

I started getting ready as he watched something in the hotel room. I left picking the restaurant to him so we could eat before the concert. I had to use the restroom before we left and decided to re-curl my hair while I was in there. Marc was debating to ask me at dinner or in the room. He wanted to get everything on camera. He decided to ask me in the hotel room. He knew I always use the restroom before we go anywhere and took that moment to set up his phone and get on one knee. I heard the music change and was finishing up in the restroom, I walked out to Marc on one knee with the ring open. I was in shock and walked back into the bathroom and came out and said yes! Kyrie cried first! Marc didn’t officially ask me until we were waiting for the Uber to take us to dinner which was actually in our hotel. The best secret that has ever been kept. This was the first time Marc has ever surprised me in the entire six years we have been together.

What is one piece of advice you have for couples just beginning the wedding planning process? And what have you enjoyed most about planning your wedding?

Don’t plan a wedding during a pandemic! We have just enjoyed making decisions together and seeing it all come into one big event. It is really amazing to see our friends and family rally behind up to make this event possible and the best day for us.


Jeffrey Open Space Trail Engagement | Marc & Kyrie

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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