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Main Beach Laguna

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South Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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There are many beaches along the Orange County coastline to consider for your engagement photo session, and with most anything, they each have their pros and their cons. But if you are having a hard time deciding on where to go, then Main Beach in Laguna is a great choice. Laguna Beach is the Window to the Sea. Main Beach Laguna Engagement Photos by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful Orange County coastline to your engagement photos.

Main Beach Laguna, located on Pacific Coasty Highway at the 133 (Laguna Canyon Road), also has its pros and cons, yet it’s still hard to beat. One of the pros is accessibility as parking at this beach tends to be a bit easier compared to other beaches such as Table Rock Beach or Thousand Step Beach.

This beach has some really great features that make for amazing photos. They have some awesome rock formations that will really enhance your photos. Depending on the level of the tide there is one particular rock location that is partially in the water known as Bird Rock, which has its own unique features.

In our estimation, the best time to have your Main Beach Laguna engagement photos shot at this beach is on the weekdays leading up to sunset. As the sun is setting, the rays of light glimmer off the water right where the water and beach sand come together for a really unique photo. Plus, as the sun is setting you begin to see the lights of Laguna in the background; again, great backdrop opportunity for your photos.

That said, the biggest con of doing your session here are the crowds. Unless it is a weekday, it is difficult to get shots without having other people in your shots. Weekends can get really busy and weekends in the Summer are nearly impossible; that’s usually when we recommend one of the smaller beaches just up the road.

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