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Oak Canyon Nature Center

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6700 E. Walnut Canyon Rd
Anaheim, CA 92807

setting: nature

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When you think of Anaheim Hills, most would think of beautiful homes, trees and your typical parks. But its actually home to a wonderful secret. If you are a lover of nature, you will love the Oak Canyon Nature Center. This park has beautiful scenery that will make for stunning backdrops as Oak Canyon Nature Center Engagement Photos in Anaheim Hills by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful nature to your engagement photos. 

One of the great things we love about shooting engagement photo sessions at this hidden forest are all the trees. The trees provide so much shade throughout most of the day allowing us to shoot without having too many issues from the sun. Don’t get us wrong, the trees are not typically full of green like you would see in pine trees, as they tend to appear with greenish-brown colors.

The park is quite large, so we do not typically cover the whole park. Therefore, we focus on certain aspects that the park does offer. The park includes beautiful hiking trails, a little stream of water, little bridges, walkways and tree areas. These areas all make for great photography that you will just love, especially crossing over a bridge that is surrounded by the trees that are growing over the bridge from either side creating a tunnel-like feel to it.

One of the best aspects of this park is that it does not get too crowded, which will make it easier to not get interrupted or have people in the background of your photos. That said, I would still strongly recommend shooting your session on the weekdays, because the park typically holds weddings over the course of the weekends. Also, if you still opt to have your photos shot on the weekend, we will have to give way to anyone associated with the wedding. Besides, you won’t want to have people in the background of your photos. Shooting your engagement photos on a weekday would eliminate the crowds and we can get some great photos without interruption.

Having your Oak Canyon Nature Center engagement photos taken at this location also require a permit and it’s heavily enforced. But at the same time, the fees for their permits are much lower in cost versus many other locations.

To explore this location as a wedding venue, please visit Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding 

So, if you want a location full of nature, without going off-roading, we would definitely recommend this hidden location.

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