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Old Pasadena

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East Colorado Blvd & Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101

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Right in the heart of the city of Pasadena is Old Town Pasadena. Old Pasadena brings that old vintage flair to urban living that reeks of a historical society. Old Pasadena Engagement Photos by Three16 Photography will add some unique architecture that will enhance your engagement photos. 

This is one of our favorite locations to shoot urban-style engagement photography in Los Angeles County. We love to walk the streets and get some really nice photos in front of many of the shops and restaurants in this area. The building’s architecture will give your photos some really awesome personality to them. In addition to the store fronts, there is even more amazing backdrops to be found for your photos in the alleyways. There we will find more brickwork, older-style windows and doors to the backside of the buildings. The vintage red bricks that are in many photos as background is an amazing prop that photographers just love.

Right in the middle of Old Pasadena is where most of the awesome little shops are located at as it runs down W. Colorado Blvd, otherwise known as the old Route 66. Colorado Blvd is also the main stretch of road for the New Year’s Day Rose Parade. Here we will find some older warehouses and storefront windows.

The Pasadena Memorial Park and Central Park are both nearby and can be included in your photo session.

If you opt for a Old Pasadena engagement photo session, we suggest multiple locations as you can only get so much of the same thing as you walk the streets. We would highly recommend including the Pasadena City Hall. This is an awesome location for additional photos as the building has so much character to it. The architecture at City Hall is really different than the Old Town Pasadena area, as it looks similar to a European Castle, along with an awesome water fountain in the courtyard.

With both locations, you really can get the best of both worlds.

Regardless if you have your engagement photo session in Old Town Pasadena or not, if you never been there, it is worth checking out. It’s a real awesome town.

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