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Orange Train Station engagement photos

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Chances are if someone mentioned to you Downtown Orange, you are going to think of the Orange Circle area. But downtown extends beyond that and that leads us to the Orange Train Station, which is unique in its own way. The train dock is located behind Streamliner Lounge. Orange Train Station Engagement Photos by Three16 Photography will add some unique architecture that will enhance your engagement photos.

From a photographer’s point of view, the “Circle” is known more for its alleyways, brick walls and all the unique shops. But the Orange Train Station is known for the station itself, the tracks and the older, rustic looking warehouses. The station and warehouse bring out a lot of unique distinction to your photographs. 

The warehouses have that urban feel to them that takes you back in time. Some of the warehouses appear to be abandoned, which can make for some really cool photos. Unfortunately, we are not able to go inside the buildings. In addition to the train station and the warehouses, there is also a Veteran’s Memorial Park near the station. Although the park is not our focus, if you request it, we can shoot there as well. It might bring to your photos a unique patriotic feel to your shots.

The only drawback, and it is enticing to do, is we cannot stand on the train tracks themselves as that is violation of federal law. We can have the tracks in the background of your photos, which have come out amazing every time we have shot here, but again, we just cannot be on them.

During our one-hour session, we will focus your photo session at the train station, the passenger docks and the warehouses. We can add the Veteran’s Memorial Park if you choose to, but it will reduce time from the main areas of the shoot, unless you opt for more time.

If you go with a two-hour shoot, adding the park will make things easier. Also, with a two-hour shoot, we will focus the first hour at the Orange Train Station and then drive over to the Downtown “Circle” area for the second hour. At the “Circle” we have many great opportunities for some awesome looking backgrounds in your shots. As mentioned, there are alley ways with brick walls that will give your shots that vintage old school look of about a hundred years ago. There are also the shops, ice cream shops and of course the water fountain in the center of the “Circle.”

So, if you are looking for a place that transcends time, and still stay local for your engagement photo session, we would recommend Orange Train Station engagement photos with the option of Downtown Orange about a mile away.

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