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Pacific City

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21010 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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When you think about the most iconic parts of Orange County, most go straight to the beaches, which just might be the best beaches along the entire California coastline. But what makes these areas so much of this county’s lifestyle are the towns these beaches lie in. And what could be more iconic than Huntington Beach? The sand, lifeguard stations, firepits, the pier and Main Street all make up that classic town. But there’s a newer part of Huntington. One where the new meets the old to bring this area up to a whole new level, and as photographers, we love it! In fact, Pacific City Engagement Photos in Huntington Beach shot by Three16 Photography provides beautiful photos that will last a lifetime.

Pacific City is about a 15-minute walk down Pacific Coast Highway from the Huntington Beach Pier. It is a beautiful coastal designed outdoor shopping center that brings great atmosphere to the people that visit and has several small pockets that allow gorgeous backdrops to your photos. This includes a small grassy area that sits on a slope that faces the beach, a pretty cool small courtyard inside the facility with plenty of planters to sit on, and these planters are full of some truly beautiful flowers.

From the second level of the courtyard, the palm trees are low enough where they can be incorporated into the background of your photos. Some of the upstairs restaurants have balconies which would allow the ocean to creep into your photos behind you.

On the outside of the center, is the charm that is Surf City where cars zoom by on PCH during your photo session with palm trees lining the street on one side and the beach on the other. Pure paradise.

If time permits, there are other areas we can incorporate into your engagement session. There is a small park in the back of Pacific City across from parking lot, the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort just down the street and really nice bridges that not only look good in your pictures, but easy access to the beach and back.

The only real negative to Pacific City, depending on the day and time of the week, would be the amount of people in the area, which could very well end up in the background of your engagement photos. But we can often work around that especially outside of the summer months.

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