February 19, 2019

8 Items to Stash in Your Purse on Your Wedding Day


By now you’ve probably discovered that there are a million things to keep in mind while planning your wedding day.  With so many details, the last thing you want is to forget something at home and be left using someone else’s different colored lipstick for your touch-ups, or chasing after venue staff for some extra safety pins. An “emergency kit” is essential for your bridal suite, but we’ve put together a wedding day tips list of absolute must-have items to have on hand once you leave your suite and head to the ceremony.

1. Extra bobby pins, and travel-sized hairspray

Whether you’re pinning your hair up or leaving it down, if you’re planning on dancing at all (Hello, it’s YOUR wedding day! Cue some Miley and get out on that dance floor!) then there’s a chance you’ll have pieces that fall out or get in the way of your rockin’ dance moves. Just grab a couple bobbies, and ask a bridesmaid for some assistance.

2. Breath Mints

You’ll be talking to dozens- if not hundreds- of people all day long. Pop in a mint- not gum- so you don’t have to worry about it showing in photos or trying to find a place to toss it when you’re done.

3. Perfume & Deodorant

A wedding day means lots of hugs with friends and family. Be prepared and bring a travel-sized deoderant. Do a quick re-application before the ceremony and before the reception. Get a trial-sized perfume before your big day, so you don’t have to lug around a big bottle.

4. Aspirin (or your preferred painkiller)

No one wants to deal with a hurting back from running around in heels all day, or an unexpected headache from the bumpin’ music at the reception. As unfortunate as it is, if you do happen to run into these issues you’ll be thankful you tossed this in your clutch.

5. Tissues

It’s safe to say there will probably be at least one moment that you’ll shed a tear. I mean, that IS your MOH’s entire goal for her speech, right? Just remember: DAB, don’t wipe!

6. Lipstick, Eyeliner, and Mascara

There’s no doubt you’ll want to retouch your lipstick at least one time throughout the day. As for the other make-up essentials- no need to bring everything! In case the waterworks come, you’ll probably only need some eyeliner and mascara.

7. Fashion tape

If you have a strapless dress or a revealing neckline, you certainly don’t want to be re-adjusting all day long. To avoid undergarments showing in photos, or dealing with mishaps on the dance floor, attach some fashion tape to the inside of your dress.

8. Safety pins

Last but certainly not least is safety pins. If you have a dress that you need to bustle, (in order to HUSTLE on the dance floor) stay prepared for a guest stepping on your dress and popping a button with a handful of these little guys.


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