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You often hear the term “fusion” when it comes to dining, where foods from different cultures come together to create magic. Well, Rancho Las Lomas is the perfect “fusion” location for your Orange County Engagement Photography Session. This venue combines the beauty of the green forest with a Spanish-style architecture, along with an amazing wedding courtyard that is considered by many as Southern California’s most striking private resort and zoological garden. Rancho Las Lomas Engagement Photos in Silverado by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful nature and uniqueness to your engagement photos.

Did we mention it has a zoo too? This all makes for a unique engagement photo opportunity. In addition, this location serves as a restaurant and a bar.

Rancho Las Lomas is simply beautiful. It all starts at the front entrance gate, as they have a very large, old school wooden doors which will make you feel like you went back in time, but also makes for some unique photography. Once inside, it brings the charms of early California, where guests can take enchanted strolls through the grounds of orange blossoms and cobblestone. There are plenty of trees and plants that really stick out in your photos. Then for a unique twist there is an English-style telephone booth, which can be a great prop to appear in your Rancho Las Lomas engagement photos.

This 32-acre Spanish-style private residence reveals an array of orange groves, ornamental birdcages, gardens and hacienda-style buildings. What also gives this place a unique touch is the zoological garden that they have. It’s home to white Bengal tigers, servals, macaws, zebras and alpacas.

Something to keep in mind if you are considering having your engagement photos shot at Rancho Las Lomas is that this is private property, so not only is permission required, but we highly recommend scheduling it well in advance. We are finding out that those who are having their weddings at Rancho Las Lomas are having an easier time scheduling their engagement photo session there, but they are open to those who are not. Weekdays are better as the property is usually in use on the weekends for weddings.

This is a unique location compared to other locations in Orange County and we strongly suggest it if you are looking for that forest-like feel to it. It’s an amazing combination. For a nature and Spanish-style urban setting, this is the place to be.

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