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About Rancho Las Lomas

Rancho Las Lomas is Southern California’s most striking private resorts and zoological garden. Creating a unique wedding experience and reception.

Bringing the charms of early California, guests can take enchanted strolls through the grounds of orange blossoms and cobblestone.

El Teatro is an open-aired theater hidden under ancient oak and sycamore trees. It contains a marble ceremonial stage and a spectacular place to say “I do.” Not only does the white stucco, blue and white hand painted tiles, and murals from Portugal alongside a botanical garden can be the perfect place for exchanging vows, this area can be used as an outdoor reception for 375 plus guests. With its intimate garden lighting it can transform into a romantic evening paradise.

Casa Bella, on the other hand is where the story of Rancho Las Lomas begins. Belonging to the home of the beloved grandparents of the Lawrence children, this is one of the most requested for special events. With spacious patios, a lush lawn and green apple trees, this area is a delight. It’s a beautiful inside space for a ceremony.

La Terraza establishes a large open space encompassed by California Oak and native cactus. This space is able to accommodate any ceremony style. The grand wooden staircase leading to this area can perfectly serve as a lovely backdrop for wedding photos.

This 32-acre Spanish-style private residence reveals arrays of orange groves, ornamental birdcages, gardens, and hacienda-style buildings. What also gives this place a unique touch is the zoological garden that they have. It’s home to white Bengal tigers, servals, macaws, zebras, and alpacas.

It’s taking elegance, rustic, and romance to a new level just hidden away in the foothills. To view this venue first-hand their address is 19191 Lawrence Canyon Silverado, CA 92676 or call them at (949) 888-3080.

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Helpful tips

- Located 15 minutes from Rancho Santa Margarita.
- Perfect for out-of-town guests with hotels as less than 10 minutes away.
- Nearby the 241 freeway.
- 20 minutes from the Irvine Spectrum.
- 24 Carrots Catering provides catering for all weddings
- Has two ceremony sites and two reception sites
- Offers valet parking to all guests
- A secluded wedding venue with beautiful scenery

what we love about this wedding venue

- Scenic nature views
- They have a white tiger onsite as well as a small zoo
- Truly a gem in Orange County with it's beautiful nature spots

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19191 Lawrence Canyon
Silverado, CA 92676