Red Rock Canyon

Setting: Nature / Hiking Trails

26701 Portolo Pkwy
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

About red rock canyon

If you are looking for an engagement photo location in Orange County but want to get away from the urban area and go into nature, then you should consider Red Rock Canyon. This location backs up to the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park and is surrounded by nature and hiking trails, as well as some animal sanctuaries and other beautiful locations. Considered by many in Orange County as a hidden gem that contains amazing red rock settings. Red Rock Canyon Engagement Photos in Foothill Ranch by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful nature to your engagement photos.

Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful location that is filled with amazing natural backdrops for your photos. It’s a piece of forest and wilderness in Orange County if you will. There are plenty of hiking trails with lots of trees and tall grass that gives you that sense you are walking through a forest. If you hike far enough, you will reach some epic looking red rocks. Think Sedona, Arizona, just smaller.

One of the great things about photographing your Red Rock Canyon engagement photos shot at this location is that even though it doesn’t look exactly like Big Bear, you can accomplish much of the same photos as you would if you were in Big Bear, but without the longer drive.

During the weekdays the roads typically go through moments where there are no cars, leaving the roads pretty empty. This is a great opportunity to get some photos in near the road. The scenery off the road is just as beautiful as you would get if you hiked further in. For those who either don’t want to hike or maybe physically cannot, but still want these sorts of photos, photos just off the road would work well for you. Typically, we don’t go too deep into the park, but if you really want the red rocks for your background, then of course we would go there.

The Red Rock Canyon can be confusing as far as how to get there, as the internet shows it as being in Lake Forest. However, the area we go to is in the Silverado/Trabuco Hills part and it uses the same route that you would take for either the Holy Jim Trail or to get to Rancho Las Lomas. One other note, there is wildlife there and park rangers suggest leaving the animals enough room to be free. No need to report sightings to them.

One thing to consider is that even though Red Rock Canyon is considered a park, you won’t typically see flowers there. In fact, during the Summer, it’s fairly dead looking with the exception of the trees. During the Winter season you will get beautiful green tall grass along your hike. You can learn more about the Red Rock Canyon by visiting

Some locations are subject to permit and/or travel fees.

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