Salt Creek Beach

Setting: Beach

33333 Pacific Coast Hwy
Dana Point, CA 92629

About Salt creek BEACH

One of our favorite beaches to shoot at along the Orange County coast is in Laguna Beach and for many reasons. However, there is one beach that is just south of Laguna that is very similar to Laguna, but phenomenal in its own way and that is Salt Creek Beach Park. Located just below the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Salt Creek Beach Engagement Photos in Dana Point by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful Orange County coastline to your engagement photos.

There are many benefits of having your photo session at Salt Creek Beach Park. This beach has easier access to both the beach and parking. Like all the beaches, there is a fee to park there, but most often, the parking lot always has empty spaces available. There is a small walk from the lot to the beach as you go downhill and under a tunnel. The tunnel is unique to most beaches and makes for some nice photos as well.

The beach is a little more on the larger scale with access to the rock formations out on the peninsula near the Ritz Carlton. The rock formations create a very picturesque background to all your photos as the formation is really unique. Other features this beach has to offer is a lifeguard tower that we can incorporate it into our shoot as a background or simply as a prop within the photo.

Another great feature we can include in your Salt Creek Beach engagement photos is this location there is a park nearby. It’s your typical park with green grass, dogs being walked, and basketball being played. We don’t typically spend much time here, we just take a couple of shots and move on. Photos at the park are usually at the client’s request.

Our favorite time of the day to shoot at Salt Creek Beach Park is before and after sunset time. The photos with the sun gleaming off the ocean make for absolutely beautiful engagement photos.

Salt Creek Beach Park is a simple location and is a simple beach, but a beautiful location with a lot of easy access. You can learn more about the Salt Creek Beach Park by visiting

Some locations are subject to permit and/or travel fees.

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