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A Well-Balanced Love Story

It’s always nice to get wedding photography jobs from people I never met before, but when it’s for someone you know, it makes it a little nicer. And when that person is more than someone you just know, then shooting their engagement photo session and now their wedding is even bigger than even I thought. Thus the story with my good friend Matt. The engagement session was beautiful and took place in San Juan Capistrano located in South Orange County; they were so great with each other.

Matt and I went to college and lived in the same dorm hall. I also served as Matt’s small group leader while we were in college. He is such a good and friendly guy and deserves all the happiness in the world. And he found that with Breean. They are getting married this weekend and I hope you enjoy Breean and Matt’s Love Story and their photos from their San Juan Capistrano Engagement.

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Breean and Matt’s Love Story

Breean’s Perspective….

Q:           What do you do for work?

A:            Matt & I own our own business together. We educate people about their finances. It’s so much fun working with my best friend and also working toward something we are both truly passionate about.

Q:           How did you first meet Matt and describe to us your thoughts upon first meeting him. You know, was he goofy, weird, prince charming, etc?

A:            Well first, both of our parents met at the Desert Vineyard Church when Matt was 5. We are 7 years apart so we didn’t grow up close. We just knew who each other were. Matt ended up being my youth leader at our church summer camps and winter camps when I was in junior high school. It creeps a lot of people out when we start that out as our “how we met” story – LOL. So, Matt graduated college and I graduated high school, he was working at the church and I was volunteering. Somehow, we both just had a short conversation after church one Sunday in July, and uh, he was handsome! My little brother started volunteering in media where Matt worked on Sundays and Matt would walk him back to where my family hung out after service, just to see me.

To this day, Matt thinks I wasn’t interested right away because it took me a while. When we first met “again” I didn’t think anything of it. And to be honest, I just felt that it was too good to be true. But the more and more he came around, I couldn’t resist. He pursued me for 6 months and here we are, getting married!! I adored him from the start. He was completely, absolutely charming and a true gentleman.

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Q:           What is something that you find totally cute about Matt?

A:            He’s totally cute!! It’s cliché, but when someone says, “two people can be in a room, without saying a word and still have a good time” well, Matt has those moments. Sometimes, I’ll leave the room but come right back and he’ll say “I missed you.” He always wants me around and I still love it five years later

Q:           What’s the proposal story?  How did it all unfold and were you surprised?

A:            I was completely surprised. We had talked about it and I honestly knew it was coming soon, but definitely not that day! It was Memorial Day weekend and he mentioned that some friends would be going to Carpinteria State Beach and they invited us. I had wanted to go to the beach with Matt for the longest time, so I considered it but I ended up saying no. I had a lot of things on my mind, I had plenty to do, and I was definitely ready to take advantage of the holiday. But Matt convinced me to go, so I threw on some clothes and slept the whole drive – LOL. I woke up to Matt holding my hand while we were parked, but I saw our friends putting up their tents. Matt is normally the first one to run and help, but he told me they were fine. I was so confused. He said he wanted to take me on a walk along the beach but if we went and helped with the tents, we wouldn’t be able to get away. Point made. So we walked for about two hours and talked about everything while collecting shells. We sat down on a log with no one around, talked some more, and then it happened. I didn’t even answer right away, we both just cried. It was so special. The sky cleared up and NO JOKE, about 15-20 dolphins started jumping really close to shore! We were on the phone with our family and friends for the rest of the night, just so excited. It was an incredible day!!

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Q:           As you plan your wedding, what has this experience been like?  What’s your advice to others as they plan their wedding?

A:            Exciting more than anything. Especially having my mom there every step of the way; that has been a blessing. I love being organized and making lists so my advice would be that; stay on task and don’t wait. The only way a wedding is stressful is if you make it stressful. Have fun during the process, enjoy the moments, and the faster you get things done and out of the way, the less overwhelmed you’ll feel.

Q:           If Matt were an animal, what would he be and why?

A:            Ummm, I would say a Panther. They are incredibly intelligent and fearless. Matt definitely relates to those traits.

Q:           If you were Matt, what would you most likely read if you were in the bathroom?

A:            HAHA! Investment brochures or any book that challenges him inspires him or makes him better. He loves feeding his mind with books that make him more mentally tough and that allow him to have the right mindset. He is truly the most positive person I have ever met.

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Matt’s Perspective….

Q:           What do you do for work?

A:            I teach families how to become debt-free and financially independent.

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Q:           Describe Breean in one word and why did you choose that word?

A:            Marvelous – she’s so amazing. It’s “hard to believe” she’s mine.

Q:           Tell us about your first date. What did you do and were you nervous?

A:            I always tell people it was to In-N-Out Burger. We had just finished serving at church and were outside talking in the parking lot, (this was about three months before we officially started dating) and I asked if she wanted to go to In-N-Out and grab a milkshake. She was super hesitant, but I convinced her that it would be fun. I was just nervous that I wouldn’t be able to close her on the idea of dating me.

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Q:           Was Breean surprised when you proposed and why did you choose to propose the way you did?

A:            Breean was super surprised when I proposed. She had absolutely no clue the day it was going to happen.  I chose to propose the way I did because first of all it was long overdue and needed to happen, but more importantly I had told almost everyone that I know, including our pastor and his wife that I was going to. I couldn’t risk the surprise coming out so I had to get it done. I knew of some friends going to the beach for Memorial Day weekend and they invited Breean and me to join. When I mentioned this idea to Bree, she showed no interest in going and quite frankly told me that we had more important things to do. These things she was referring to were extremely important and work-related and needed to get done, but in my mind, something pressing also needed to get done that trumped all work-related issues. I finally convinced her to go to the beach with me to see our friends just for the day (Monday/Memorial Day). She was so, let’s call it “unmotivated” to go that she slept the whole drive to Carpinteria State Beach, which looking back now was probably the best thing that could have happened because it gave me two hours to establish a grade-A game plan.

Note:  At this point, I was getting nervous. Slightly sweating as the ring was burning a hole in my pocket.  Once we reached the beach, Breean was still not excited to be there but I knew I could cheer her up so I wasn’t worried. We walked down to the water and then walked about a mile down the beach where we found a place to sit and talk. We talked for about a half-hour as I was mustering the courage to propose.  We were sitting in the sand when I decided to get the ring out of my pocket. While we were walking down the beach to the place we had stopped, we collected some rocks and shells. As we sat there I asked if she wanted to see our collection and she said sure (she was happy and relaxed at this point), so I pulled out the rocks and shells followed by the ring. As I was opening the box down to my left side out of her view I asked her if she saw “this one yet?” She asked which one as I open the box – she immediately started crying, this went on for a few minutes and then I asked if she’d “be mine forever” – she said yes and we kissed. When we stood up the sun came out, which was pretty cool, and right after that, a school of dolphins went swimming and jumping out in the ocean in front of us, so to answer the question… I proposed this way because I was so nervous I really didn’t have a plan, but after it was all said and done, I looked like a boss! Thank you, Jesus!

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Q:           Looking towards the future, what do you most look forward to doing with Breean?

A:            I am so stoked to have Breean in my life. I look forward to doing everything I can with her from church to work to traveling all around the world and of course, adding children to our family with the blessings of God.

Q:           If you were Breean, what would you most likely sing if you were singing in the shower?

A:            Definitely Justin Bieber – Ha Ha!

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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