Santiago Oaks Regional Park

Setting: Nature / Hiking Trails

2145 Windes Dr
Orange, CA 92869

About santiago oaks regional park

There are different kinds of parks here in Orange County, but one of our absolute favorite parks to shoot engagement photography is at the Santiago Oaks Regional Park. Santiago Oaks Regional Park Engagement Photos in Orange by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful nature to your engagement photos. 

Located approximately four miles north of Irvine Regional Park, we love this Santiago Oaks because its just a short drive from our office, but it is one of those parks that includes amazing nature, along with really nice walking trails. It is not one of the type of parks where you will find basketball or soccer games being played. Santiago Oaks Regional Park was impacted by the fires back in 2017, but it has nearly recovered. So, after its closure, the park is now back open to the public.

Some of the reasons we love this park so much is due to all the nature and rustic scenery it can offer your Santiago Oaks Regional Park engagement photos. The scenery here makes for such great looking backgrounds that photos come out beautiful. The features that you will find intriguing at this park, besides the hiking trails, include an area where there are cobblestone features to walk on and streams of water that includes round stepping stones that will allow you to cross the streams, which also makes for some great photos.

Unless they were damaged in the fire, Santiago Oaks has some ranch style wooden fencing, as well as wooden bridges over the streams and a wooden staircase near the amphitheater. And if it’s the right time of the year, your background shots may include vibrant groves of orange trees.

This park has a beautiful road that leads you into the park and we will often take a few photos along the roadside. Don’t worry about crowding as this park never gets very busy, although you will see a few bikers as this park has a very large area for mountain biking.

Lastly, we would recommend shooting your Santiago Oaks Regional Park engagement photos later in the day because the way the sun sets on this park is absolutely beautiful and stunning.

So, as you can see Santiago Oaks Regional Park is all about the beauty in nature very similar to the Irvine Regional Park. You can learn more about the Santiago Oaks Regional Park by visiting

Some locations are subject to permit and/or travel fees.

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