March 3, 2021

Santiago Oaks Regional Park Maternity | David & Nicollette

Orange County Family Photographer

For those of you that follow our blogs, you probably know that my favorite part about being a photographer in the wedding industry is meeting and getting to know such wonderful couples. But did you know my other favorite part? In addition to meeting these couples, I truly love when we get a chance to photograph more than just their wedding. We are often contacted to do the engagement session and wedding, but that’s where it might end. But for several clients, they have reached out to us to photograph their maternity and newborn photos as well. And even beyond that. It is a such an honor to be around these young families and watch them grow from innocent little engagements to becoming parents. And we at Three16 Photography were extremely honored when David and Nicollette contacted us for their Maternity Photography session.

David and Nicollette originally hired us to photograph their wedding back in 2016 at the gorgeous Vista Valley Country Club wedding venue down in the city of Vista, which is part of San Diego County. And since then, we have remained good friends, which has included double dates and game nights. So, you can imagine our excitement upon hearing the news that they were expecting and that they were starting their family this year. David and Nicollette shared with us how excited they were about becoming parents and the love they are going to pour out on their daughter. It was a real joy to see their excitement about their future family.

David and Nicollette allowed us to recommend a great location for the Maternity Photo Session, so we went with one of our favorite places, Santiago Oaks Regional Park here in Orange. We love this location for various reasons, but our favorite part about it is all the nature that truly surrounds the venue. In addition, it has some great hiking trails, a super unique cobblestone walking path, very tall trees, and a small waterway. So, it really has a little of everything that helps make the backgrounds of your photos really stand out. Santiago Oaks is also pretty central to all of Orange County and right down the street from the Three16 Photography studios.


We had a really great time photographing David, Nicollette, and their unborn daughter Ella. We started in the Orange Groves and then walked down one of the hiking trails that took us deeper into a beautiful area full of nature.

So, what can make this any better? How about Baby Ella being born in May of 2020? She is an incredible baby that possesses one of the sweetest smiles that anyone should be allowed to have. Simply adorable. We were thrilled when David and Nicollette allowed us to follow up with them and do a Newborn Photography session as well. We photographed some of the shots in our studios, then we all packed up and did most of the shoot in nearby Irvine Regional Park. Ella must have preferred the park because she was much happier than she was at the office. Don’t blame her one bit as Irvine Regional is amazing. Similar to Santiago Oaks in terms of having some terrific trees and very tall grass, as well as walking paths, a lake, and boulders, just to name a few.

We really cannot be happier for David and Nicollette and we are just as excited about what the future holds for this sweet little family.

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