February 11, 2020

Cal Poly Pomona Marriage Proposal | Christian and Hannah

Los Angeles Marriage Proposal Photographer

Hannah and Christian first met while working at In-n-Out after high school. Despite the fact that Hannah was dating someone else, Christian still had eyes for her. While he trained her, they started getting to know each other and he slowly began falling for her. Soon after getting the job, Hannah broke up with her boyfriend. While chemistry continued to build with Christian over time, she eventually said yes to a date! He surprised her with tickets to a pirate dinner theater show in Buena Park, California. Even though he was feeling very under the weather, he was too excited to let anything stop him from going on this date! They had an amazing time and continued to date all through college!

Fast forward a few years and Christian began planning the proposal as they were finishing up their last year of college. Hannah was finishing up school at Cal Poly Pomona and Christian at Cal State Fullerton. They were already planning to take their senior pictures for college together, so Christian reached out to Three16 Photography to take their photos and help with the surprise proposal! Through a series of secret texts and phone calls, Christian and Jerrick developed a perfect plan that Hannah wouldn’t see coming.

Towards the end of the session, Jerrick from Three16 Photography posed a shot of Hannah standing a few feet behind Christian first, so she wouldn’t think anything of the next pose. Next, their placing was reversed, and Christian was posed behind the love of his life. He came up behind her and surprised her by getting down on one knee. Just as she was about to start crying, he grabbed her right hand instead of her left. She laughed so hard that she accidentally knocked the ring out of Christian’s hands. She of course said yes!

These two love birds are planning an elopement in Big Sur, and a backyard reception to be in the future! We’re excited for what the future holds for these two!


Christian and Hannah’s Love Story


1) Tell us about your first date. Who was more nervous and what did you guys do?
First “kinda” date we went to a Kings game. First official date, he surprised me and took me to see
Pirates Dinner Adventure (a dinner and theater show!). He was super sick, on antibiotics and had a swollen throat. But he was too excited to cancel (;

3) What’s the proposal story? Give us all the details! Who cried first?
We were taking our senior pictures for college. He came up behind me and surprised me. I was about to cry, but he grabbed my right hand and so I laughed too hard and I didn’t actually cry.

4) What are you looking forward to about wedding planning?
The whole process makes me nervous and stressed. We’re hoping to elope in Big Sur and have a
reception at home later. We’d both really like the reception to just be us and family, more intimate and romantic.

5) What makes you nervous about wedding planning?
All of it (:

6) Tell us the one word that best describes each other and why.
Hannah: Smart
Christian: Cuddly

7) Where do you hope to be in 10 years?
Colorado Springs, celebrating our 10th anniversary. Hannah will be a registered dietitian and I will be a
great husband and father to 3 children and 4 dogs.


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