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the camp

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2937 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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If you are a fan of the lifestyle that can be found at The Lab-Anti Mall, then you probably already know about The CAMP located just across the street. If you have never heard of either of them and are looking for a place to dine, shop or to just be yourself that is different than most other places in Orange County, then give them a try. And if you are looking for a location to have your engagement photos take at, then you found it! The CAMP Engagement Photos in Costa Mesa by Three16 Photography provides you wonderful memories to share for many years to come.

The CAMP, along with each of its vendors, is designed with the eco-friendly lifestyle model. It takes into consideration health, environment, culture and nature. As you walk through the center, the atmosphere will actually make you feel like you are walking through a campsite in the mountains. Some of the décor they have will give off that camping site vibe and makes for great props and/or backdrops to your engagement photos including a large hammock that is hung between two trees, an older model truck, and old-style pull camper trailer, various desert-like plants, cactus and tall grasses, mountainous trees, steel sides to buildings, colorful mailboxes and barrels, and a wood seat that is placed within a wrought iron shaped heart.

Depending on the time of the day, parking can be a bit difficult as it can get a little crowded, especially during weekday lunchtime or on the weekends. If time allows, after we photograph at this location, we can go across to The Lab-Anti Mall for additional photos.

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