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The Last Bookstore

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453 S. Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Probably one of the more unique locations we have shot engagement photography at is The Last Bookstore. If you have never been there, we highly recommend it as it is quite a treat. The Last Bookstore Engagement Photos by Three16 Photography will add some true uniqueness to your Los Angeles engagement photos.

We often work with clients that want to tie in their passions to their photographs. So, if you are an avid reader, The Last Bookstore is definitely the place to be.

The Last Bookstore is different than other locations as there are many creative aspects to it that's really worth checking out. The building itself is an old-school building with that historical library-feel to it. Some of the highlights inside the shop that we will include in your engagement photo session is a vault, some really odd-looking bookshelves and a tunnel made out of books! It really is a cool place to consider.

Because most of the photos will take place inside the shop, we will need to use flash photography. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get some of the truly great photographs without it. Also, be aware that they do require a permit to shoot photography there and that policy is enforced. The staff there are really easy to work with, so contact them ahead of time regarding your permit.

It is possible that we will have more time available on your photo shoot after photographing your Last Bookstore engagement photos, so you might want to consider a second location. About a block away is the Pershing Square. The Square has lots of grass, trees and amazing buildings in the background. In the winter, they create an ice-skating rink in the park and other wintertime events. We can also do the nearby Art Walk Downtown LA, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles City Hall or other places in the area as well.

The Last Bookstore has a modern-day hipster feel to it, but it is truly a unique place to go to, whether you are having your photos done or not.

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