February 23, 2021

Treasure Island Beach Engagement | Austin & Loressa

Orange County Professional Photographer


Being a professional photographer in Orange County has definitely given us the opportunity to photograph all walks of life. From various aspects of Family Photography to Corporate Photography and especially Wedding Photography. But one of our favorite aspects is Engagement Photography. Austin & Loressa’s Treasure Island Beach Engagement Photography by Three16 Photography brings lasting memories for a beautiful couple at a quiet beach.

An engagement photo session is a time where two people in love with one another can come together and just be themselves without all the hoopla of the wedding day itself. And most of the time it is just the two of them and the photographer, which makes everyone more at ease. Despite that, every now and then we get couples that are still a little uneasy in front of the camera at the start of the session, while others are just so natural, much like Austin and Loressa were at their engagement photo session.

Located in Laguna Beach, Treasure Island Beach has some of the best rock formations within the Laguna Beach strip of beaches, which adds an added dimension to the photos versus just walking along the sand. The scenery here is perfect. If you go one direction, you have the beautiful ocean water, go another direction you have the rocks and if you look back, you have the hills, the expensive homes and the fencing along the trail down to the beach. There is something unique no matter which way we face at this location and to us, that is what makes this beach so much fun.

On the day of Loressa and Austin’s engagement session, it was a nice sunny day with just a hint of clouds in the sky, and because it is not the main beach in Laguna, the crowds were very minimal, which led to photos with no people in the background. You throw in a beautiful sunset and it becomes a picture-perfect day for these two.

Loressa and Austin were a real joy to photograph. Because they were so at ease in front of the camera, it allows us to take more quality of photographs. Nothing ever felt forced with this loving couple. Because we had time in our session, we also shot some photos at The Montage Hotel, which is one of the more beautiful hotels in the along the coast.

With a wedding taking place outside of California, the staff of Three16 Photography would really like to thank Austin and Loressa for allowing us to be part of your engagement photo session and we wish you both many years of love and happiness.

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