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Being a wedding photographer in Orange County means you are centrally located to all the great wedding locations throughout Southern California. Venues located on the beach, in the mountains, hotels and golf courses, just to name few. But, from a photographer’s viewpoint, one of our favorite wedding venues are the wineries. Winery Weddings make for amazing wedding photos and we here at Three16 Photography specializes in photographing wedding photos at wineries throughout Southern California.

Most of the wineries in Southern California are located in the Temecula Valley area, but you can find some in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas as well.

Each winery offers something different and unique that will highlight your wedding and your photographs. As you search the various wineries, take into consideration all the potential spots for your photography and whether or not they have locations at their facility that would make for good backdrops to your photos. This could be anywhere from fixtures, such as fencing, wine rooms, barns, bridges, etc, to all the trees, vines and the floral backgrounds. Also, if you are thinking about a wedding later in the day, see how the sunset hits the area as it can really enhance your setting, and your photos.

Be sure to find out if they offer ceremony locations outdoors or indoors, or if they give you an option. If you have option, then be sure to visit the location around the time your ceremony would take place. The seasons you visit and when your actual wedding day may alter the vision that you get, so keep that in mind.

The Temecula Valley area has several winery wedding venues to consider. A small selection to consider include Ponte Winery, Wiens Family Cellars, Peltzer Winery, Europa Village, Mount Palomar Winery and Temecula Creek Inn.

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Advantages of a Winery Wedding Venue

  • The Beautiful Greenery, Nature and Trees of the Winery
  • Unique Features (fencing, barns, benches, horses)
  • Thought-out Reception Areas and Food Options
  • The Wine

Disadvantages of a Winery Wedding Venue
  • The Weather Could be an Issue if it’s an Outdoor Only Ceremony
  • Depending on Where Your Guests Live, It Can Be a Long Drive for Them.
  • Depending on the Season, You May Not Get the Colors You Want from the Trees and/or Foliage
  • Some Locations May Have Smaller Guest Limits

advantages  & disadvantages of a winery wedding venue:

It’s rare that a winery does not have their act together when it comes to being a wedding venue as it has become a great source of income for the wineries over the years. That said, look at the photos on our website, and go visit the wineries and gather as much information and see the views as you can so that you can make an informed decision.


Ponte Winery

Temecula, CA

Wiens Family Cellars Winery


Peltzer Winery


Mount Palomar Winery


Europa Village 


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